Uwatchfree: Get Access to Free Movies Online- Is it Legal?

Uwatchfree is an online platform to download and watch the latest movies for free; amazing, isn’t it? Well, before you head towards the website to get your favorite movie, you must know if it is legal and safe to use. 

But before we talk about its legality or if it is safe to use, let me give you a brief about it.


The entertainment industry has evolved a lot in the last few years and now it is no longer restricted to television. The internet has taken over and now everything is available on an online platform. Websites like Mangastream or Textsheet have made it possible to do everything online. And nowadays it has become a matter of a few clicks to watch your favorite movie online. Gone are the days when to watch a movie we have to buy a ticket to watch it in theatres. With the introduction of websites like Uwatchfree, movies are no longer restricted to theatres and you can watch them on your smartphones and SmartTVs as well. 

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What is Uwatchfree?

Uwatchfree is a website that offers access to a lot of movies and lets you download them for free. You can even watch the latest movies that have just been released in theatres and aren’t available elsewhere. It has been 8 years since this website is uploading all sorts of movies such as Bollywood, Tollywood, and Hollywood, and so on. Moreover, you aren’t going to face any issue regarding the quality of the movie as only HD content is uploaded. 

Having all these qualities, Uwatchfree has become one of the top websites to enjoy movies for free that too in high resolution. 

Uwatchfree offers the following dimensions for movies:

  • 4GB dimension movies and videos
  • 2GB dimension movies and videos
  • 600MB dimension movies and videos
  • 300MB dimension movies and videos

Does UWatchfree Offers Movies Legally?

This should be your main concern as these days so many illegal and fake websites are doing rounds on the internet. As reported by WHOIS record, the website’s domain is from Pakistan, and because of leaking movies illegally and copyright issues, the website was eventually banned by the Government of India but still some of the users are still accessing the website by changing the domain extension.

Uploading pirated content is illegal and is considered a criminal offense that is the reason, the Uwatchfree website has been banned by the Government. So, you as a user must be cautious before streaming content from such websites. 

However, there has been no incident where someone has been prosecuted for streaming films illegally and the reason can be these websites are so large in number and that it will be too time-consuming to keep a track of all such websites.

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Is it Safe to Watch Uwatchfree Movies?

Now the question arises is it safe to watch or download movies from such websites as now you know they aren’t working legally. The first reason it is not safe to watch movies online on Uwatchfree is the site can expose you to cyber risks. 

Also, legal streaming sources like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., comes with a price but that is not too much if cyber safety is your priority. It is always a better option to avoid free options to watch movies as it also affects the job of the people working in the entertainment industry. When a movie gets leaked online, it brings a huge loss to the producer and as a result, it affects the paycheck of all the concerned staff. 

Alternatives to Uwatchfree

As the website is banned by the Government, you will find several alternatives serving the same purpose but they also can’t be trusted as are illegal and can be taken down anytime by the Government.

Disclaimer- The movie streaming sites mentioned ahead are not legal and using them can be risky for you. We don’t recommend the use of illegal or proxy sites and the information provided here is just for informational purposes. 
No.Alternatives to UwatchfreeWorking Link
2.Pagal Movieshttps://www.pagalmovies.work/

Here are the legal alternatives to Uwatchfree to watch your favorite movies or TV shows without worrying about risk to your privacy:

No.Legal Alternatives to UwatchfreeLink
2.Amazon Primehttps://www.primevideo.com/
4.Sony Livhttps://www.sonyliv.com/
5.Mx Playerhttps://www.mxplayer.in/

Is it Possible to Access Uwatchfree?

As Uwatchfree has been banned, people have been looking for ways to access the site and that is only possible if you have access to the proxy sites.

Illegal Uwatchfree Proxy Sites List

Even when Uwatchfree got banned, several other sites with different extensions got popular that have been provided in the list below:

No.Uwatchfree Proxy SitesLinks

All these websites are illegal torrent sites that let you download movies and TV shows for free but it is not recommended to use them for watching your favorite Bollywood or Hollywood movie as it brings a huge loss to the entertainment industry when the movies get leaked before its theatrical release or on the same day. So, we will always suggest and promote the use of legal ways that have been listed ahead.

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