Why does a Business Need a Virtual Number?

Virtual telephony is more than just a way to save money on communications. The functionality of cloud PBX opens up opportunities that a mobile or landline phone won’t give. The company risks facing low competitiveness against the backdrop of advanced entrepreneurs abandoning modern business tools.

A virtual number can be called a phone or mobile number having s SIP account or an account that has a SIP telephony network. This kind of technology is best for online calls meant for personal as well as professional use.  You do not need to buy SIM cards or install physical telephone exchanges in the office to use the VoIP phone number.

The VoIP designs and maintain servers, regulate the data transfer, and create a customized solution for professional users. Furthermore, there are various smartphone applications along with apps designed for Windows, iOS, or Android.

It isn’t tied to any location and works over the Internet. The user doesn’t have to pay money for heavy equipment. All he/she has to have is a stable Internet connection. Such a solution is especially profitable for business, and so the overwhelming majority of companies want to use this stuff for effective development. 

Reasons to Choose a Virtual Number

Virtual Telephony Reduces Operating Costs 

You need money to create the new PBX because the responsible person has to take care of laying cables and installing telephone terminals. Used units have to be updated with time, and there’s a need to pay for service to a specialist over time. A virtual solution does not require the purchase of expensive equipment. It can be based on the existing devices, mobile smartphones, or even get along with computers. The main requirement is the presence of the Internet. The provider undertakes the replacement, repair, and adjustment of the devices. 

It’s not a secret that for a company focused on uninterrupted service it’s a disaster to lose communication even for 1 hour as it can cost money and reputation. Such a problem won’t appear with virtual numbers.

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  • The provider transfers the load to another standby node in the case of one failure. The quantity of simultaneous calls to your number is unimportant as the lines will always be available (usually 100).
  • Top providers make arrangements for high-quality communications without interference.
  • The client is not left unattended even during non-working hours. The platform records incoming calls and allows you to automatically call back the customer.

Easy Scalability

Traditional (analog) PBX does not allow you to quickly add new phone numbers. It would take you 2-3 weeks to increase the staff, establish new branches, or unite points of sale into one network. The flexibility of the cloud station comes first here, especially when considering all the above-mentioned nuances. It usually takes 1-3 days to deploy the system from scratch: just choose a provider and order the service. It is enough to switch to a suitable tariff in your account when you need a new number for an advertising campaign or office.

Pay attention that the setup connection, for example, of the Nepal virtual phone number may take up to 30 days because of the country’s peculiarities and other factors. Reliable providers, such as Freezvon, do their best to perform all the required procedures within 24 hours. The client will surely be well-informed about the duration as the customer support specialist keeps him/her up to date.

Analytics and Sales Growth

This is an opportunity for which virtual communication is especially appreciated. PBX services include the tools that help get quantitative indicators of calls. It’s about the number of received, missed, and dropped calls. The same is about their duration, the number of calls for each employee, etc. The data helps to understand whether your promotion strategy is correct and whether the sales department is performing well. Analytics is the key to increasing the number of successful deals.

Positive Public Image

The virtual number itself increases customer loyalty. There are regional, mobile, and toll-free numbers 800, so you can choose the one that can help your company to create an impression of a successful player. A particular city number helps conquer the local market. Clients are more willing to answer calls from numbers whose codes are known and they are more willing to make calls themselves. 

The PBX is usually located on a separate server and does not depend on the load created by other clients. Guaranteed communication channels and reliable infrastructure provide stable voice traffic. The own resource of numbers makes it possible to get a direct number and automatic telephone exchange from one operator. Providers present many additional features, such as conference calls making and voice/email organizing for maximum client-centeredness. Put simply, it is a mobile round-the-clock virtual office and call-center rolled into one. Statistics and missed call prevention make it easy to track the business activity of your employees. Smart queuing and distribution of calls reduce the workload on a department by increasing work efficiency. In other words, a cloud-based PBX solution not only radically changes the way people look at communication but also transforms the office world itself. Automatic routing allows you to get the lowest communication cost.

Additional Virtual Phone Services

  • Call history. Comprehensive data is provided on the entry and outcoming calls. This information can be carefully analyzed and used to improve the quality of service and teamwork.
  • Voice menu allows the person to easily find the needful department to get the required information (by following simple and clear prompts).
  • Call recording provides control over employees, improves their discipline, and the quality of connection with clients.
  • Greeting and background music create a pleasant first impression, attract customers, and improve its image by indicating stability and reliability.
  • Calls forwarding. They are forwarded according to specified algorithms, for example, to other numbers or using SIP protocols. SMS messages can be sent to email, mobile number, or to a specific website. The fax forwarding option might be equally useful (it is performed to email).
  • The callback feature brings customers the opportunity to order a callback from the web resource using a special option. Such a solution helps attract and retain a large number of customers.
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