Ways Of Telling Bye-bye To Hair Loss

What Is Hair Loss/ Hair Fall?

The losing of hair from our scalp is known as hair fall.

It is said that every day, 100 of our hairs tend to fall from our scalp, which is normal as it grows back equally soon. But as men and women get older, the amount of hair that falls increases than the amount that grows again. Hair loss can also happen if you have diseases in your body. Diseases like, thyroid, diabetes, lupus, cancer, etc. are some of the reasons for hair loss. Certain medications also play a part in losing hair. If you have an unusual hair fall, then visit one of the best hair treatments for men. Poor nutrition can also lead to hair fall. Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss. This can be told for any type of hair loss from permanent to temporary. 

There are more than 20 types of alopecia. But, they can be broadly divided into two types, and they are,

  •  Scarring

Cannot be reversed.

  • Non-scarring

Can be reversed.

What Are The Different Causes Of Hair Loss?

There are a lot of reasons, a few among them are,

  1. Deficiency in the vitamins that you consume

This is one of the main reasons for hair loss. 

The deficiency in vitamin B plays a major part in weakening our hair roots and hence leads to hair fall. 

  1. A lack in the protein content

Proteins are essential to witness good growth in our hair. Lacking them will have a significant impact on hair fall. 

  1. Heredity

When talking about the common reasons for hair fall, heredity comes into the picture. If there are hair fall problems in your family, then even you are more likely to face the same problem sooner or later. 

  1. Ageing

This is also another common cause of hair loss. It’s natural for human beings to grow old and during the process, all the organ systems in the bodies start to weaken. Hair fall also falls under one of the problems caused by ageing. 

  1. Hormones

A change in the balance of your hormonal system can also cause hair loss.

  1. Stress

In our today’s world, the word ‘Stress’ has become common for a 5-year-old kid to a 70-year-old grandpa. Stress adds too much to hair fall. 

The Remedies That Prevent Hair Loss

Two types of remedies can help you from this trouble.

• Naturally, using home products.

• Clinically using expert’s help to overcome.

Clinical treatment

Male Pattern baldness or Androgenetic alopecia is a problem that has become a rising concern.  Up to 40 % of men lose 40 % of their hair even before reaching the age of 35. With the help of today’s technology, it’s easy to overcome.  The non – scarring hair loss can be reversed. Whereas, the scarring kind cannot be. In the hair care clinics, they first diagnose the type of problem that you have by a certified trichologist.  Then they analyze your issue thoroughly and administer a proper solution. They try to understand your medical history and diagnose, analyze, and provide apt solutions depending on your problems. They help in the recovery of our hair problems.

 Hair treatment for men and hair treatment for women will have few differences, but the end result will be satisfying added Hair and Skin Science. Male pattern hair loss affects men commonly, and the female pattern hair loss develops more slowly.   

Natural remedies

•Take in more vitamin-rich food.

•Try to avoid getting stressed easily. Always find a way to keep yourself calm.

•Massage your scalp regularly. It helps in the restoration of growth.

•Apply pure Aloe gel on the scalp. It also helps in soothing the scalp and helps to condition the hair. 

•Coconut oil has excellent medicinal properties to aid in hair growth.

•Include protein-rich foods in your diet.

•Viviscal is a natural supplement that is used for hair growth. It contains AminoMar C. They help in the re-growth process. These pills have to be taken twice a day for a minimum of six months to get the expected results.

•Consumption of Omega fatty acids can also help in the restoration of hair. 

•Onion juice has been proven to be of great help and to treat this problem.

•You can also use fresh lemon juice or lemon oil as they help in the enhancement of the quality and growth of our hair. 
The most crucial part is that you have to take all these measures regularly. This step has to be taken with the utmost self-care. Remain positive and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle that will help you to stop hair fall. Consult a doctor if these remedies didn’t work for you. Hair treatment for men and women everywhere is proven to be effective. Opt for the Clinical treatment method and get promised results.

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