How Not to Get Stressed at college

Because of stress, students don’t perceive and remember information well, are reluctant to attend classes, don’t prepare effectively for exams, and their overall performance declines. If a student neglects a healthy lifestyle, doesn’t ask for thesis help when necessary, drinks a lot of coffee and caffeine-containing drinks, eats improperly, gets little rest, etc., the situation worsens, which is reflected in the physiological level.

The strain on the heart increases, blood pressure rises, and the autonomic system is disturbed. In case of prolonged strain, autonomic homeostasis is disturbed, blood vessels are destroyed over time, immunity is weakened, which increases the risk of disease.

In addition, a decrease in self-esteem, a deterioration of mood and well-being can be noted. This can lead to the emergence of bad habits and addictions, for example, cigarettes, alcohol, medications, and drugs. This is how a person tries to cope with difficult circumstances.

Numerous scientific studies also indicate that even after the stressors have ceased to act, it takes the body and psyche quite a while to recover and return to normal. And this is another good reason not to allow stress to develop, much less worsen.

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How to Prevent Stress at college

Avoiding stress-related unpleasant situations, in the long run, is quite easy. To do this, it is not necessary to wait for the first signs of stress. The main thing is to make sure that they do not give themselves away, and you can do this if you follow a number of simple recommendations:

Watch your self-esteem and keep it at an appropriate level. Raise your self-esteem when necessary. Low self-esteem is one serious source of stress and academic problems.

Maintain the level of knowledge. Regularly go to lectures, read related literature, and do not create study hectic schedules. This will also help to avoid overstrain and excessive workloads.

Train your memory. The better your memory, the faster and more you will be able to memorize, which is one of the most important abilities for learning. To develop memory, there are special techniques that are very easy to apply.

Delegate. Take some time to find cheap services on Reddit that you will use in the future for your writing assignments help. This will allow you to free up some time that you might use for better sleep, cooking some appropriate food, or simply going out with your friends. Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you feel like not handling it all by yourself.

Develop a sense of humor. Laughter not only prolongs life but also serves as a wonderful way to prevent stress because it promotes the production of antistress hormones and the happiness hormone, which has a beneficial effect on the psyche.

Take a shower. A contrast shower in the morning is best – it has a toning effect on the body, strengthens the immune system, normalizes blood circulation, as well as invigorates and increases vitality.

Relax. The benefits of relaxation have been proven by scientists. This practice, if properly mastered, promotes a long-term stable psycho-emotional state, and if necessary, helps to calm down at any time of need.

Meditate. The effect of this practice is akin to that of relaxation. But in addition to it, meditation allows a person to calm the flight of thoughts, to understand more deeply the reasons for the events taking place, and to better understand oneself.

Rest actively. As you already know, such rest helps to relieve the emotional and physical stress that leads to stress. You need to exercise, play active games, take walks, and move more. Try to spend your spring college break actively too, so you could recharge and refresh your mind.

Get a massage. If possible, it is worth signing up for massage sessions. It perfectly relaxes and normalizes both body and mind. However, almost everyone can arrange a massage at home – just ask someone from the household.

Practice aromatherapy. To forget about worries and be alone with yourself for a while, psychologists 2advise lighting aroma lamps with essential oils of soothing herbs. It is also useful to add aroma oils to water when taking a bath.

To have a cultural leisure time. One of the best ways to distract yourself and at the same time broaden your horizons is to visit exhibitions, museums, and theaters. On top of all that, such a pastime contributes to obtaining aesthetic pleasure.

Drink vitamins. The body always needs to be nourished with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Unfortunately, food is not enough for this, so you need to take vitamin complexes and supplements to your daily diet.

The following are some of the most important recommendations that you can take as a rule to do all sorts of breathing exercises and psychological techniques. Regular use of them will serve as a powerful weapon against stress during studies. However, even after graduation, they will serve as a useful tool for preventing stress at work and in everyday life.

To summarize

Stress is a very common problem, and literally, everyone faces it. This fact should be taken as a given – there is no escaping stress.

But this is no reason to panic and despair because the destructive effects of stress can be avoided even with the toughest academic schedule. Keep your body healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle, reduce the number of bad habits and not acquire new ones, watch your diet, and sleep.

The answers to the most difficult and serious questions often lie on the surface: read the previous paragraph – it perfectly shows that to prevent stress you do not need to flee from the world to a desert island or go into a cave. Simple rules for every day are the basic weapon against stress in school, at work, and elsewhere.

Don’t take your life carelessly, take note of everything we’ve talked about, and no stress will knock you out of the saddle. 

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