What Are Conditions to Take Combigan

Increased eye pressure can be the cause of many eye issues that we have mentioned below and Combigan can be used to treat them. These eye conditions include:

•    Open-angle glaucoma (The type of eye condition where pressure builds in the eye and could damage optic nerve)

•    Ocular hypertension (High pressure in the eye)

•    Combigan is approved for the use in adults and children above 2 years of age.

•    Combigan details: The combination of two types of the active drug makes the Combigan they are brimonidine and timolol.

•    Brimonidine comes from the family of the drug known as alpha-2 adrenergic receptor agonists. Timolol comes from the family of drugsx called beta-adrenergic receptor blockers (beta-blockers). Both of these drugs work in a different manner to reduce the pressure amount in the eye. 

•    Combigan is a liquid solution that comes in the eye-drop form. One can find it in one strength: 0.2% brimonidine tartrate/0.5% timolol maleate.

Directions to use: 

Put only one drop twice a day in the eye which is affected. If you are using it with another eye drop, use it after five minutes. In certain cases, the patient should use Combigan as directed by the doctor. Before using it, make sure the seal is intact on the bottle, wash the hand and then open the bottle. 

Put the one drop by pulling down your eyelid, make sure the tip of the bottle doesn’t touch the eye, and then close the bottle instantly. Further leave the eyelid, close your eyes and press your finger at the point where the nose and eye meet.

Side effects of Combigan:

 This medicine could cause some mild or severe side effects. Following are some of the mainly found side effects of Combigan that can happen while using it. Though the list doesn’t include all the possible side effects of Combigan, still you should get an idea about it. To know more about any possible side effect of Combigan you must consult with your doctor or the pharmacist. They can help you to guide in how to deal with any side effect caused by Combigan. 

Mild side effects that Combigan can cause are:

•    Itching in eyes, burning or stinging 

•    Swelling or irritation in the eyelid

•    Blood vessels in eyes get redder and enlarge than normal

•    Fatigue

•    Strange taste in the mouth

Many of these side effects might go away in a few days or in one or two weeks. In case these side effects become more severe or don’t go away consult with your doctor.

Serious side effects associated with Combigan are:

Serious side effects of Combigan are not very common but they can occur. You must consult with your doctor if you experience any of the serious side effects caused by Combigan. Some of the common serious side effects of Combigan are:

  • Muscle weakness: eyelid drooping blurs vision
  • Depression: lonely or sad feeling, don’t wish to do any activity you used to love
  • Allergic reaction
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Heart issues: Lower blood pressure, heart failure

Side effects in children: The side effects of Combigan in children are similar to adults. The medicine is approved to use in children above the age of 2 years.

The most common side effects were found in the children while trial feeling sleepy and decreased alertness.If your doctor has prescribed you this Combigan, then you can get it from online pharmacies like PricePro Online Pharmacy. You can get many meds at the best price, you just need to visit PriceProPharmacy.com.

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