What Happens If Pcos Is Not Treated?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, more commonly known as PCOS has become one of the most commonly seen causes of menstrual disorders and infertility. A substantial demographic of women is not aware about PCOS, which makes it almost impossible for them to recognise its symptoms. PCOS is known to increase the risk of having ovarian and endometrial cancer, hypertension, type two diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. 

PCOS affects around 10 % of the female population and usually begins in teenage. PCOS increases risks of some health problems. This happens when the problem is left untreated and is not attended to. As of now, there is no definitive cure for this problem, but you can reduce the health risks caused by it by consulting the best gynaecologist in Delhi. 

If PCOS is not managed and handled properly, it heightens risks of certain health complications. Some of the most commonly issues associated with it are listed below:


It is important to have a sound hormonal balance to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. Deficiency or excess of a certain hormone will not allow your body to prepare and maintain itself for a pregnancy.

The silver lining here is that infertility induced by PCOS can be treated. A lot of women suffering from PCOS are able to have babies with proper medication, a good lifestyle and guidance of a good gynaecologist in Delhi. 

Type 2 Diabetes

A large proportion of women suffering from PCOS are affected by insulin resistance. It is a myth that insulin resistance does not affect you when you are lean and thin. It is true that weight gain worsens insulin resistance, but it can affect a slim female as well. 

Type two diabetes is something to be worried about as it worsens the pre-existent hormonal imbalance in your body and makes it even harder to battle through PCOS. 

Cardiovascular Diseases

Statistics show that in Western countries, like the United States for example, one of the biggest causes of mortality is heart disease, and it is a well known fact that PCOS increases the risk of having heart problems. 

PCOS brings heightened levels of blood sugar and insulin resistance with itself, and a chain effect is set into motion. As the level of bad cholesterol increases, inflammation increases to. This creates the perfect environment for the accumulation of fatty plaque on the walls of blood vessels, which in turn increases the chances of ruptures and clots.

Endometrial Cancer

During periods, the lining of the uterus is shed out. But when hormonal imbalances are there and is excessive estrogen and a little progesteron, the uterus is unable to shed its lining. This imbalance is very common in PCOS and leads to light periods, or no periods at all. This means that women who have light periods or skip periods because of PCOS are at a greater risk of endometrial cancer. 

Gynaecological Complicacies

With irregular periods, risk of ovarian cancer, breast cancer and endometrial cancer, anovulation and oligomenorrhea, PCOS also leads to gynaecological complications. Improper ovulation, irregular periods and infertility is because of improper levels of luteinizing hormone and androgens. With the help of proper medication and positive changes in lifestyle, these imbalances can be rectified.

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Complications caused by untreated PCOS

PCOS, if left untreated, can lead to both short and long term complications. The extent of these complications depends on the individual herself ranging as mild, moderate or severe. The complications are varied with the scope of every symptom that the problem exhibits. Some long term complications are listed below.

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Liver inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Abnormal facial hair growth
  • Weight gain, especially around your abdomen
  • Metabolic complications
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Gynaecological complications
  • Acne, blemishes and other skin disorders
  • Infertility and pregnancy related problems. 

Consult the best gynaecologist in Delhi to effectively manage your PCOS

Unfortunately, there is no sure shot treatment available for PCOS yet, but a gynaecologist in Delhi can prescribe the right medication and guide you to work your way through this issue. This greatly helps in managing the symptoms and reducing the risk of other associated problems.

Maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, eating healthy, yoga and meditation are some of the things which one can include in their lifestyle to deal with PCOS. Managing your weight can also help in controlling the levels of blood sugar. Eat fibre rich food and opt for a healthy lifestyle. PCOS is a hormonal imbalance induced problem which can be overcome with positivity, right guidance and a healthy way of living.

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