What Is Hormone Pellet Therapy? A Basic Guide

Are you wondering what hormone pellet therapy is so that you can find out if this treatment method could benefit you? This is an incredibly effective treatment method for treating hormone imbalances that can occur both in premenopause and during menopause.

There are a few methods of this treatment available, but the most natural is BHRT pellet therapy. To learn more about hormone therapy as well as how it works, keep reading this basic guide. 

How Does Hormone Pellet Therapy Work?  

BHRT hormone replacement therapy uses custom made hormones that are identical to those that your body produces. This means that the proper hormone levels are unique to each person for extra personalization and effectiveness. Using blood work analysis, the dosing of your hormone pellets will be customized to meet your body’s needs for the best results, allowing for the best treatment option for your unique needs. 

In an outpatient procedure, the pellets are implanted under the skin where they will consistently release small doses of hormones that are bioidentical directly to your bloodstream. During the procedure, patients experience little to no pain, as the area is numbed before the insertion. The procedure is very quick and only takes about 5 to 10 minutes while retaining your hormone levels in an hour or less. 

While this treatment is most common for women struggling with menopause, the treatment is also available to men and those with certain conditions such as depression, PMS, and thyroid disorders. 

Benefits of BHRT Pellet Therapy

The benefits of BHRT pellet therapy is that it is a natural way to overcome hormone imbalances or deficiencies of patients of all ages. The hormone pellets are derived from plants and nature creating an option that is structured the same way as your naturally occurring hormones. Because they are natural, they have few negative reactions within the body. 

Additionally, this option produces more consistent results, as they offer a more direct route to the bloodstream than more traditional methods. Other hormone methods such as creams and pills will only provide hormones in spurts which can cause discomfort for patients that may experience a rollercoaster effect in terms of their hormones and reactions. Additionally, this is the most convenient option, as the patient only has to visit the doctor for treatment 3 to 4 times a year with no need to visit the pharmacy for refills.

This is a great option for someone who is in need of more emotional control or is experiencing vaginal dryness from menopause. However, testosterone pellet therapy can improve issues of incontinence in men.  

Consider Hormone Pellet Therapy Today 

If you’re experiencing issues of hormone imbalances due to a condition or a deficiency, hormone pellet therapy may be the most effective, convenient, and safe treatment option for you. To get back to feeling yourself, consider trying hormone pellet therapy as a natural treatment option. Stop feeling like you can’t keep your hormones regulated when using creams and pills, and consider this treatment option instead. 

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