Everything You Need to Know to Write an Excellent Essay

Zayn Tindall
By Zayn Tindall

September 15, 2021

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  • Essay writing is a skill every student must or needs to develop during their academics. If you develop the skill in your school days, the better it is.

    This article will elaborate on everything you need to know to write an essay. These techniques and tips will refine your writing skills and as a result, your grades will be improved. Importantly, your time is used effectively and saves you from repetitive work and unintentional plagiarism.

    Many students dread essay writing. The good news for such students is that following these steps can make the daunting task of writing an essay manageable and a lot of fun.

    These tips will completely change your perception of the essay writing process.

    Think of Your Essay as a Story

    Remember your essay just like a story consists of conflicts and change. Whether an essay or a story both have conflicts between different ideas and change depends on the way of perceiving those ideas.

    Similar to stories, essays also have surprises, different topics, and characters with some choices to make along the way. Now, you need to decide what choices you can offer in your storytelling. 

    Think of It As a Fun

    Make your essay writing time your fun time. Be a free essay writer in starting. Get crazy while writing your first draft, this is the best time to be creative. Find out some surprising and intriguing facts about the topic and you can use it as a hook to engage your readers.

    Find the Surprising Element in the Topic

    Do not try to write on the topic you think your teacher wants to read or will be pleased about.

    You must think about what is in the topic that intrigues you, what surprises you about the subject. Play devil’s advocate that is to analyze the opposing side of the issue you are going to highlight in your essay.

    Write Original Sentences for Your Paragraphs

    What to Know to Write a Good Essay

    Some students get overwhelmed when writing an essay. What they can do to overcome their fear is to write five original sentences covering the basic point or main idea for each paragraph. 

    Once they write these five sentences, they will feel confident to fill the paragraphs for each key sentence.

    Rephrase the Quotations 

    If you use some source heavy quotes by rephrasing them in your own words, mentioning the credits, of course. You will not only be able to create a well-articulated essay but this writing hack will give your essay an air of authenticity as well.

    Don’t Be Afraid to Use New Ways 

    Think of writing an essay as something you are experimenting with. Play around, don’t constraint yourself to the old ways of writing. Give yourself the freedom to explore and try new ways. 

    For instance, try to write the introduction last, write the body first. Students usually struggle in introductions as they are the hardest part of the essay because the introduction is about summarizing the whole essay in one paragraph.

    You can proofread and edit everything, in the end, to make sure that everything flows smoothly, naturally, and coherently from one paragraph to the next.

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