How to View What My Child Shares on WhatsApp with No Experience

Presently, most people are preoccupied with social media applications as platforms to post and share almost everything. You’ll find kids, teens, and adults always indulged in their cell phone screens all the time.  

However, with WhatsApp’s growth in user numbers, parents are disturbed about their children falling into cyber-crime bait. WhatsApp developers designed it with good intentions, but some people create or join groups to trap kids into bad ideas.   

For this reason, it’s crucial that you closely and continuously monitor what your children are up to on WhatsApp. It can be tedious going through their WhatsApp activities and know who they talk to, especially if you have a bustling schedule. 

Here, we’ll discuss FoneMonitor for its simplicity and efficiency to keep parents on top of what kids do on WhatsApp. 

Part 1: FoneMonitor: The One-Stop Tool for Monitoring Kid’s Phone

As technology evolves and phone monitoring techniques advance, it’s now effortless to see things children exchange on WhatsApp with FoneMonitor. It’s one of the best smartphone tracking apps that has helped millions of people monitor kids’ phone activities. 

The app has 30+ unique features to offer parents 24/7 surveillance on what kids send and receive on WhatsApp. With FoneMonitor, you can monitor your children’s online activities without ever getting detected.

You’ll effortlessly view everything, including the kid’s WhatsApp calls, contacts, chats, and shared media files in secrecy. The tool displays messages on an organized conversation basis, and you can also retrieve deleted conversations with their timestamps.   

Besides, the app is reliable and trustworthy for its excellent reputation and many subscribers across 190+ countries. You’ll even find articles praising its capabilities on renowned online media outlets like PC world, iGeeksBlog, Life wire, CNET, etc. 

Read on to find out how FoneMonitor works and why it’s the leading WhatsApp tracker:

Part 2: What Makes FoneMonitor the #1 WhatsApp Monitor 

FoneMonitor is the leader in the parental monitoring industry, not just by coincidence. It’s the whole full package when it comes to tracking kid’s mobile phone usage. You name it, and the app has it. 

Here’s why FoneMonitor is a top-class WhatsApp monitoring solution: 

Stealth Mode 

For iOS, FoneMonitor is entirely web-based, meaning there’ll be no download or installation of an app on your child’s phone. You’ll monitor remotely since you only need to sync the app with the iCloud backup account linked to your child’s iPhone. 

In Android, it’s impossible to monitor a kid’s WhatsApp without a one-time installation of the 2MB FoneMonitor app on his/her device. In stealth mode, it runs in the phone’s background, and the app icon vanishes. That way, the chances of getting caught are out of the question.      

No Jailbreak or Root 

With the FoneMonitor app, you won’t need to jailbreak your kid’s iPhone/iPad or root their Android phones/tablets. It’ll monitor your child’s WhatsApp without breaching their devices. That’s made possible with the app’s cutting-edge technology. 

Remote Monitoring

Once you finish setting up FoneMonitor, you’ll monitor everything shared on your children’s WhatsApp instantly and remotely. You can track the kid’s WhatsApp even if their phone isn’t in your proximity. For iOS, you won’t need to access your child’s device even once.    

Part 3: What More Can You Do with FoneMonitor?

Apart from WhatsApp, there’re other cool things that you can monitor on your child’s mobile device with FoneMonitor. Let’s check them out:

Monitor Social Media Apps

You’ll view all social network applications installed on your kid’s phone, including Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, and Instagram. FoneMonitor allows you to know all aspects of your children and who they interact with online.  

Track Phone’s Location 

The FoneMonitor location tracker gives you live GPS location updates of your kid’s phone to know their whereabouts. You’ll get the exact location coordinates of their device to know where he/she currently is or had visited recently. 

Also, you use the geofence feature to set a geographical perimeter for the kid’s phone. This works by only alerting you each time the cell phone crosses the given boundaries. That way, you can restrict your children’s movement and keep them safe. 

Examine Web Searches  

Nowadays, teens spend most of their time glued to their smartphones and surfing the web all day long. With all the news about online predators and scammers, it’s a parent’s responsibility to know what content their kids consume online. 

Using FoneMonitor, you’ll see all their web searches to know their favorite websites and what content is there. The good part about it is that you can block access to any unwanted sites like pornography.  

Part 4: Steps to Begin WhatsApp Monitoring with FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor comes with a simplified, intuitive dashboard that anyone can use without any programming knowledge. Here’re a few simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Go to FoneMonitor’s website to register a new account and get a subscription plan that suits your needs.

Step 2: Proceed with the setup wizard to configure the device. 

  • If iOS, verify the kid’s iCloud credentials and wait for syncing with the linked iCloud backup account.
  • In Android, download and install the FoneMonitor app using the emailed link. Grant all permissions and turn on stealth mode for the app to run flawlessly.

Step 3: With setup completed, click on the “start” button for the dashboard to appear with the kid’s phone summary.

Step 4: Navigate to the left-side menu where all FoneMonitor’s features are present. Click on the social apps tab to get the WhatsApp Monitor feature and start monitoring.  


Knowing how to monitor children’s WhatsApp without experience, I recommend getting on to it right away. If I were you and my kid spends all day on his/her mobile phone, I’d already been using FoneMonitor.

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