Why outsource your IT development in Vietnam?

Vietnam is no doubt one of the best places for business; little wonder investors are always excited to make good use of every investment opportunity. There are variants of business, and they cut across. Technology is not an exception to the kind of trade that one can do. Some people are into technology, and that is the kind of service they offer and the kind of business they do. Vietnam is one place with a high standard of technology. Vietnam is ever an attractive option when it comes to outsourcing. Outsourcing involves the process of engaging an outsider or a third party – usually an individual or an organization. This third party will then help to handle certain business activities for you. This practice mostly helps companies grow.

IT outsourcing is one of the types of outsourcing trades, and this practice involves hiring an outsider, usually from another organization; and they could handle some information technology functions. Locally and internationally, this is the practice. A lot of organizations and countries often outsource because it’s cheaper to do that than to buy and maintain high standard storage devices and facilities. Some of these services are web development, software application, and development, technical support, and telecommunication.

Although Vietnam presents an opportunity to subcontract all or part of your IT development, you must be careful who you wish to work with: ask for references or history of past work for your collaboration to be successful. Find on this ressource of Movetoasia the advice of an expatriate in IT to avoid pitfalls and find the best IT outsourcing company fitting your expectations and budget.

Outsourcing and offshore IT in Vietnam

Outsourcing services seem beneficial to many countries of the world, and there are different places they could outsource. To the countries and organizations outsourcing, they have access to highly skilled global talented people they mostly can’t find from their own. Also, they often get a lower development cost and which is not a bad idea to them. They get to save up about 30% of costs. Again, they get the opportunity to conduct risk management due to the privileges to partition software development operations.

Vietnam is not the only country where you can outsource IT development; there are other countries you can do the same. Before you outsource IT from anywhere, some of the things you put into consideration include, price, how much is it going to cost you, will it be more or less compared to if you outsource from other places? If you are satisfied with the cost, you can go ahead with the IT development outsourcing.

Reasons why Vietnam has opportunities in offshore IT development

Labour force, who are those you will be working with, how do they work, what are their integrities, what are their records, is it safe to work with them; make sure you put all these into consideration. Business environment, what are their reports about their business environment, are they safe to do business with without you having to regret it, etc.

Here are the reasons why Vietnam could be your choice place to outsource IT development.

Cost reduction of Vietnam outsourcing IT

One would usually think that outsourcing IT should cost a lot, especially considering the kind of services it involves. That might be true, Vietnam has made it a lot easier for everyone. No wonder tech giants, just like Microsoft and Intel, have outsourced their software development in Vietnam. Do not think too far about why they chose Vietnam to outsource. Although cost reduction might not be the only reason, it is still one of the most significant factors.

More than some other countries that offer IT offshore services, Vietnam’s IT outsourcing services cost are significantly lower. Vietnam has made the development cost about 90% less. Amazing, right? Yes! Saving up a lot while you get high-quality services.

High Quality delivery in development : app, web, software

Many times, we want to believe that whatever does not cost much has to be something of low quality; that is mostly true, but the case is significantly different from Vietnam. In Vietnam, there are a lot of highly skilled and experienced software engineers that have their services at very affordable prices, even with the kind of services they offer. High-quality services are also one of the most important factors to be considered when choosing where to outsource IT. It will be of no use and a total waste if you can get a cost reduction so you can save up, but get a very low-quality service that will make you spend much more fixing that terrible mistake than you spend initially. Vietnam would not leave you with that kind of a terrible impression. Although it has offered cost reduction, the services are not of low quality. They are high-quality services.

Friendly environment of Vietnamese developers

One thing Vietnam is known for is that they create an environment which is accommodating for businesses and foreign investments. Records and reports have shown that Vietnam is a place to start-up businesses and make investments; because they have a business-friendly environment, which is why a lot of investors, but locally and internationally and often encouraged investing. Vietnam protects intellectual property; if you are doing any business with them, especially regarding technology, you can rest assured that your software product will not get exposed to any risks that would destroy your property right.

Technological growth support and incentive

The government of Vietnam has regularly supported technological growth, and has promoted its economy for foreign investments. Is that not enough reason for foreign investors to be attracted to start investing and for business owners to get established? Vietnam recognizes and promotes the importance of education and training. It has about a 96% literacy rate that includes scientific and technical literacy; this is to show that they value education in Vietnam. So far, they have been able to produce thousands of eligible Engineers who have contributed to the technological system of Vietnam.

Vietnam is ever a choice place for outsourcing IT development. Countries and organizations have greatly benefitted from Vietnam; that will ever be the case. If you are choosing to outsource IT development, consider the factors, price, quality service, the environment, and Technological growth support. Their standard and stability have made ways for them; these are reasons they will continue to be a choice place. There is a lot to benefit from outsourcing IT in Vietnam. 

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