Reasons Why Women Have Induced Abortions

Those that are questioning why women have induced abortions will find that there are a number of reasons. Some of these reasons include the lack of desire for more children, fetal defects, and relationship issues.

No matter the reason for having an induced abortion, one of the most important things to consider when having one is your safety; therefore, visiting Portland’s reputable abortion clinic is highly recommended. 

In this article, you will discover some of the reasons behind induced abortion as well as the methods of inducing abortion.

What is an Induced Abortion?

An induced abortion is a medical procedure that intentionally ends a pregnancy. It is most commonly performed in the first trimester when the fetus is less than nine weeks old. If you are pregnant and have decided to terminate your pregnancy, you may be able to choose between two options:

  • Medical Abortion

Medical abortion is an abortion that’s done between 11 and 15 weeks of pregnancy. It’s known as the abortion pill, and it’s a combination of two drugs called mifepristone and misoprostol.

  • Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion is an abortion performed by a surgical procedure. It can be done up to 13 weeks of pregnancy, but it’s most often used after 12 weeks. It’s the most common way to have an abortion, but it’s not always the best option. 

Surgical procedures are typically expensive and invasive; therefore, many women choose to use the medical abortion option. 

Generally, the following are some of the reasons women have induced abortions.

To Save Their Lives

According to research, the majority of women have induced abortions to save their lives.

It’s important to understand that induced abortion isn’t just about the health of your baby. It’s also about your health and safety. If you’re at risk of death because of your pregnancy, you have the option to terminate the pregnancy rather than continue to carry a child who might not survive delivery.

In most cases, induced abortion is done as an option for pregnant women who have been diagnosed with a serious medical problem during their pregnancy and can’t give birth safely.

To Preserve Their Physical or Mental Health

Women have induced abortions because they are concerned about the health of their unborn babies. Women often choose to have an abortion when they are pregnant with a baby who is at risk of having a serious congenital disability. 

A woman may also choose to have an abortion to preserve her mental health, such as if she has been diagnosed with a serious psychological condition like post-partum depression.

They may be experiencing pain during pregnancy, or they may want to prevent a serious health problem like a heart attack or stroke that could be caused by the pregnancy.

A Case of Rape or Incest

Many women worldwide have been raped or subjected to incest. Rape and incest often result in emotional trauma and physical pain for the victim, which can contribute to unwanted pregnancies. To prevent pregnancy after rape or incest, women need to get tested right away and receive treatment. Those who’ve already fallen pregnant may choose an induced abortion to terminate the pregnancy.

For Social or Economic Reasons

Social and economic reasons are also reasons for a woman to have an induced abortion. A woman may not have the resources to take care of a child and may prefer to avoid putting herself at risk by continuing her pregnancy. Another reason for having an abortion is that a woman may be unwilling to give birth. This could be due to one personal reason or the other.

Abortion Laws

Abortion laws are complicated. Abortion is legal in some countries, while it’s illegal in others. There are also a few countries that have specific laws regarding abortion, and they’re not always easy to navigate. In the United States, the legality of abortion varies by state. In some states, it’s allowed in cases of rape or incest; in others, it’s allowed if the mother’s health is endangered by carrying the pregnancy to term; and in some states, it’s allowed if there’s a risk of fetal abnormality or death from pregnancy complications.

Women have induced abortions for varying reasons. Multiple factors influence the decision to end a pregnancy, and these are unique to each individual. That said, no reason is invalid. However, the most important factor to consider is health and safety. If you’re considering having an induced abortion, ensure you speak to your doctor about the best option for you and avoid self-induced abortion.

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