Your Perfect Guide To Mba After Acca

ACCA is the professional exam for chartered accountants to showcase their expertise in the world of accounting, finance, management, and strategy development. The combination of ACCA qualification with a degree in management like an MBA will help you develop your leadership and management qualities. Pursuing MBA and ACCA will provide you with an exceptional knowledge of operating business in diverse situations by employing their leadership and strategic management skills. Here’s a couple of more good ideas to inspire you to pursue an MBA after qualifying ACCA exam.

  1. It will provide you great accounting skills: It will help you to get equipped with all the latest accounting techniques and practices which will, in turn, will get you acquainted with all the concepts of accounting in MBA. MBA is a management degree but focuses primarily on the accounting, finance, administrative, organizational, and leadership aspect of business operations. They train students to initiate their careers with expertise in financial matters. ACCA qualifiers often consider options of pursuing an MBA program as it helps them to streamline their career aspirations. 
  1. ACCA qualification is more like a diploma but pursuing a degree in management will add up to your resume and will prioritize your chances of scoring a highly paid job role. After qualifying ACCA, you will be able to specialize in developing strategies for an efficient operational perspective of increasing productivity but a degree in management will help you to streamline your resources for aligning business goals strategically. Expect an excellent remuneration package just after completing your MBA.
  1. Opportunity to work anywhere in the world: The combination of ACCA with MBA is one of the most sought experts in the world as an employer understands the significance of hiring employees with such expertise in their subject area. It will never limit your employment opportunities; you can travel all around the world and explore diverse organizations worldwide. ACCA qualification boosts the scope of your career globally as it provides monetary guidance to the organizations for improving their performance by implementing calculated procedures.

Benefits Of Pursuing Both:

  1. Both the courses will help you to network globally as ACCA is recognized all across the globe. MBA is also designed to let students connect with experts from diverse subject areas globally. 
  2. MBA and ACCA is an efficient way of developing expertise in the field of accounting, finance, directorial strategy, and management. 
  3. Numerous career opportunities can be explored with an MBA degree and an ACCA qualification. 8500 employers are approved worldwide to hire and employ ACCA qualifiers.
  4. High demand in banking, accounting, consulting, insurance, and law industry. It will help you to understand the technicalities of diverse domains and by handling tough situations with great problem-solving skills.

So, if you are willing to go an extra mile after qualifying for an ACCA qualification, then you must consider the option of pursuing an MBA as it will help you to chisel out your management skills to explore diverse opportunities in the world of finance and accounting. 

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