Looking for Jeggings for Women? Here are 3 Tips to Consider

You are running late and have precisely five minutes to get your makeup done. What do you do? Usually, we girls go with some kohl or liner with a tinted balm or lipstick to win the day. Similarly, jeggings are like the ‘liner and lipstick’ in the world of fashion. When in doubt, the best thing we could go for is jeggings. 

As you might have interpreted by the name, jeggings are called so because they are leggings that look and feel like jeans. They are often worn as trousers to avoid feeling the harsh material of jeans and to get more coverage than leggings (everybody wants to avoid those panty lines, am I right?). So, it can be either worn in a way where you can show off your butt in a crop top and skinny jeggings or in a way where you want to wear it with a Kurti. 

All things said and done, now how do you find the perfect pair of jeggings that fits you like a glove, gives shape to those love handles, and does not poke into your waistline? Let’s find out!

4 Tips to Consider When Shopping for Jeggings

Go for High Waistlines

Jeggings for women are supposed to give you shape and hide any excess tummy hangings. So, to get the perfect jeggings that hide the muffin top near your belly and lift up your derriére, choose the ones that have a waistline. Jeggings, in general, have a wide waistband that does not dig into your skin and instead lifts your rear to give a beautiful shape to that area. 

Usually, jeggings for women that have high waistlines go well with tops that are long and have a wider cut at the end. Jeggings paired with wider-ended tops and shirts give a casual yet classy look. The waistline accentuates your shape on one hand, and on the other, the loosely fitted shirt complements your curves to provide you with an effortless casual look.

Get Jeggings with Pockets

Generally, leggings have outlined pockets on them, but those aren’t real. This is a common struggle that women face. We have carried handbags and sling bags to carry our whole world throughout the years. But it does help to have pockets on our pants, and dresses like men have on their cargos and jeans.

The good news is that there are jeggings available with deep back pockets and front pockets and can easily help carry your phone and keys. Jeggings with back pockets look really cute as it highlights your curves and lift them. So, even if you do not want to carry things in your pocket, you can get these trendy jeggings for women with pockets to get shapely bottom wear. 

Check the Fabric Blend

Before you select the jeggings at a retail store or at an online store, you should always check the product details to see the materials used in the making. Jeggings for women are made with a softer material than jeans but thicker than what is used in leggings. Jeggings do contain a high proportion of spandex for better stretchability and comfort. 

If you a stiff pants that almost look like trousers, you can go for a cotton blend as it seems stiff and gives out a very formal vibe. Jeggings for women are also made with denim material that looks more casual and jeans-like. The idea is to get the fabric blend that suits you more and is comfortable for you.

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Decide Your Look First

One thing we often forget while buying our bottoms is what we are going to pair with them. Jeggings for women are versatile and can be worn in ethnic and Western wear. However, some colors go well with all types of top wear. For example, beige-colored jeggings will look impressive as formal wear beneath a white shirt and will look great with a printed Kurti too.

So, black, white, and beige or cream are some colors that you should always keep in your wardrobe. When you are on the go, just pick up any of these colors to pair with your tops to look effortlessly marvelous!

Final Thoughts

Jeggings for women is a versatile clothing option as it can be paired with several different types and lengths of top wear. You can find the best pair of jeggings with the tips provided above and flaunt it to your heart’s content.

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