Trendy Footwear for the Diva in You

Shoes are a significant part of your wardrobe and play an important role in designing your look from top to toe. This timeless item is present in everyone’s wardrobe, regardless of age or gender, in every corner of the globe. You can wear the best dress or a finely-tailored suit. But, if the shoes are not matching, it can straight away be a turn-off! As ordinary as it may seem, we all need to know the cardinal rules of matching shoes. This will help you create lasting first impressions.

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The occasion, the style, comfort level, and the color of your shoe or ladies’ sandals can make or break your look. When an item is as versatile as a pair of shoes, there are numerous different ways you can style them. You can dress them up or down according to the event or occasion.

Ladies Sandals: Comfort Plus Style

If you are a woman, and comfort is your go-to factor while choosing a pair of shoes, well, nothing beats a sandal. It is comfort and style all rolled into one. Sandals allow you to show off your feet so that you are relaxed and not tied up in laces and strings. Ladies sandals give you a trendy look, and you can carry them off with casual dresses and still look elegant. Women of all age groups choose sandals according to their personal preference. You can get all kinds of slip-on, wedges, and strappy Roman sandals that get that extra zing to your attire.

Women Heels: The Perfect Pair for You

Heels are the most preferred shoe style by women and are considered the style de rigueur. Get the diva-like feel as you step into the pointed heels and amp up your look. You can choose a sturdy pair of heels from a wide variety available.  You can also choose from a stiletto, a Cuban heel, a wedge, or an Italian. 

Pick any black or nude heels if you have donned a sequin or embellished dress. They will compliment your dress and make you create some magic on the floor! Here, you need to keep in mind not to wear sparkly shoes with a shimmering dress to avoid being overdone.

Flat Slip-on & Sandals

Who says you can only make a statement with high heels and stilettos? If heels are not your cup of tea or you are just looking for some change, here is your chance to try some trendy flats. There is an alluring variety of flat slip-on & sandals available in all colors and styles you can think of. 

There are flat ballerinas, flat slippers, and flat slip-ons, and sandals for both men and women that can go with most casual attire. Formal flats are suitable for working professionals, while you can choose designer flat footwear for fancy occasions or weddings.

Cozy Sneakers

Looking for some snug comfort? Well, sneakers are what you should be looking for. There are lace-up sneakers that come with laces. You can tie the laces as per your comfort and keep your foot snug. Classic white sneakers or a pair in pink or neon can do wonders with your casual attire. Then there are also slip-on sneakers for women that do not come with laces. You just have to slip them on your feet and walk-in close comfort, throwing caution to the wind.

Ballerina Shoes

Ballerina flats are every woman’s close companion. No matter how stylish you may get, you just cannot ignore a pair of comfy ballerina shoes. These low-heel, classic shoes were originally designed for ballerinas. Today, you just need to step into a cozy pair to get that feeling of floating on air like the ballerinas! 

Heels are more popular, but still, many of us have at least a pair of ballerinas in our shoe cabinets. Flat ballerinas also come with pointed toes to give them a fancier touch.


Well, if you need backless footwear that covers your toes as well, mules will be the right choice. You can find them in many toe styles, from square to round to pointed and forked mules. They come in a lot of variations that range from loafers, clogs, to bootie mules. You can pair mules with skinny jeans and all kinds of western dresses and walk the roads in style.


Moccasins are free from gender bias. This means both men and women can don them in style without hesitation. Moccasins are crafted from soft leather, and their soles and sides are in continuation and stitched at the top. You can wear moccasins as casual shoes outside or as slippers inside the house. You can even get some trendy moccasins with fur lining or tassels that add glamor to your feet.

That’s Not All

The list of shoes is long, and you can find a pair to suit every dress and occasion. Some shoes and ladies sandals fit various styles, occasions, and body types. You just need to use some creativity to match your outfit to a pair of shoes. And you are ready to create your fashion statement.

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