5 Tips for Fixing Your Bad Posture

Your back holds you up 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you have to take care of it! Your posture is important for preventing aches in your back that could keep you from enjoying simple activities. So many people have poor posture that inhibits their daily movement. It is so easy to get into this bad habit because of sitting in front of screens for too long during the day. The most common side effect of bad posture is a pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. These discomforts can really get in the way of everything.

Not having good posture can also cause issues with breathing, circulation, and digestion, making it important to correct as soon as you notice something feels wrong. If you know you have problems with your posture, you should consider trying these five methods that can help correct it.

Sit Upright Whenever Possible

It’s easy to fall into the habitat of slouching when you spend so much of your day in soft furniture. Lounging on the couch or hunching over a computer keyboard makes it easy to misalign the spine. Whenever you have the chance, you can self-correct your posture by sitting upright. This is particularly easy when you have an adjustable seat. The car is one place you can get to work on improving your posture. Leaning back and driving might be fun and make you feel like a racecar driver, but it is actually pretty bad for your posture. Putting the seat more upright and pulling the wheel close can keep your back straighter and more comfortable throughout the day since you are minimizing the slouching.

Even sitting and watching TV can be bad for your posture if you constantly lean too far back. Try making the change to sit in a straighter position to get used to the feeling of good posture. While it won’t always be easy to remember to sit straight, you can try to make the change in any way that you can.

Try Using a Posture Corrector

Since it can be a struggle to remember on your own to sit upright, using a posture corrector is a great reminder. These devices are worn usually under your clothes and help keep your back straight and shoulders unrounded. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles, so you might have to do some searching to find the perfect one. 

If you are looking for a place to start, there’s a useful guide at GiftWits for anyone looking at correctors. They offer some of the top devices to keep your posture in check for the long term. Wearing a corrector for even a small part of the day can have a big impact on improving your posture. Use it at work, at home, or anywhere else to feel its full effects. The right posture corrector could truly change your life because of how well they work for reducing the pains of bad posture.

Wear Comfortable Shoes More Frequently

Posture is not only about the back. It involves the feet as well, which is why wearing the right shoes is so important! Dressing fashionably every day might be fun or even one of your priorities, but high heels are not the best for daily wear. Your back and feet would appreciate it if you saved them for special occasions. High heels cause so much pressure to be placed on the spine that misaligns it from the tailbone and affects your posture negatively. Instead, it is better to wear low shoes, preferably with the support that can help keep your spine in place. If you have to dress professionally every day, there are many shoe options that will keep you looking classy without compromising on comfort. Your health depends on making a smart choice!

Exercise More Frequently

Exercise is great for everyone to stay in shape, but it is also a great way to improve your posture. Strengthening those muscles is a must! Having stronger muscles is a great way to work on improving your posture because they will be better able to support your back and neck. A strong core and abs are also important for a posture because they can actually help keep your back straight and more supported. Intense workouts are good, as are lowkey stretch sessions. Whatever physical fitness you can get in can make a huge difference.

Try some light cardio like walking on a treadmill to stretch and strengthen your muscles while still getting the heart pumping. Yoga is also a good move for increasing mindfulness and body strength. If you find yourself having to sit for a long period of time, you can also try taking breaks by walking around. This will help you maintain your posture while standing and also keep the blood flowing so your muscles don’t feel trapped. Moving around every day can help strengthen the muscles that keep your posture in the right place.

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Use the Right Mattress

Even at night time, you can work on improving your posture. Sleeping with the right mattress has a huge impact on your back! Sleeping is the time of day to relax and regain strength throughout the body. Using the right mattress is so important not only for the quality of sleep you receive but also for your back. Being able to lie down comfortably and in the proper position is great for your posture. The perfect mattress should keep you from placing too much pressure on one area of your body so your posture doesn’t get worse. The best way to find the right mattress is to feel them before purchase. You might prefer something firmer to better support your body or a softer top that helps distribute your body weight.

There is the perfect mattress out there for everybody that will help make your posture during the day so much better. You might also feel quite a bit of relief from any back pain you experience! It is important to work on fixing your posture before any serious issues arise. Taking these five tips into consideration could make a life-changing difference in your posture.

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