Adding YouTube Videos to Your Marketing Campaigns

Orange County or The OC is a region located in Southern California. Orange County is best known for Disneyland Park and Resort, which attracts millions of visitors every year. The OC is also home to more than 340,000 business establishments according to 2018 statistics. This large number of businesses means that it is harder for companies to compete within the area. If you are a business owner in the OC, you must find new ways to give your marketing campaigns an edge. One way to do this is to hire a creative media agency in orange county to help you create YouTube videos for your business. 

Why YouTube?

YouTube has been popular among the video streaming industry ever since it was founded in 2005. Current 2020 statistics show that YouTube has over two billion monthly active users, with 30 million users per day. The average YouTube user spends about 40 minutes viewing on-site videos. Because of the immense number of YouTube users, it is estimated that 62 per cent of businesses are now incorporating the use of YouTube and social media into their marketing campaigns. Here are what you can benefit from using YouTube in your campaign.

Benefits of Using Videos for Marketing Campaign 

Only 62 percent of businesses use YouTube. This means that there are still a significant number of business owners that do not see the merit of cashing in on the popularity of YouTube. Business owners may create ‘about us’ videos which they embed on their webpages. However, people will only see these videos if they can visit the website. If the company website does not rank high in search engine results pages, then only a small number of people will get to watch the videos. However, if you upload your company videos on YouTube, then the videos may get a chance to be watched by a lot of people.

Becoming Viral:-

People post videos on YouTube with hopes that their videos become viral. Viral videos get shared by viewers and will get an exponential increase in views. Your company videos may get a viral status, and if they do, then your company will get free marketing from viewers who share your videos. However, certain factors must be met for a video to reach viral status. You can hire a creative media agency in orange county that has experience with creating YouTube videos to create viral-worthy videos for your company. 

Short Videos are Effective:-

 If you are uploading videos on such social platforms, your videos must be short but effective. Some studies show that people get bored easily if they see that a video is more than three minutes long. Viral videos are usually between 10 to 60 seconds long. A creative media agency can help you in creating short videos that will effectively get your message across. 

Take Advantage of the Demographics:-

 In the US, 77 % of people aged 26 – 35 watch YouTube and other social media. Seventy-three percent of US adults use YouTube. These demographics are the ones with money to spend on what you are selling. If you take advantage of such YouTube marketing campaigns, then you have a chance to reach your desired target audience. You can hire a creative media agency in orange county to create a short video which you can set up as YouTube ads. YouTube may be a tool that your company needs to get more customers. However, you need to hire a creative media agency in orange county to help you create quality viral-worthy videos.

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