Apple AirPods Pro VS Sony WF-1000XM3 – A Complete Details

One cannot but compare the main true wireless headphones of this year. Although in general in 2019, wireless headphones became the main trend.

Airpods Pro is Apple’s new headphones that came out three years after the first Airpods appeared. They became the most popular and noticeable today! And these are considered the best wireless earbuds and both work well and good quality.

Sony in 2019 also updated its TWS with the complex name  WF-1000XM3. The last letter and number – M3 – tells us that this is the third generation of such headphones, but these are the first with active noise reduction. It is also worth adding that these are some of the best true wireless headphones on the market and the most expensive. 

Let’s start comparing Apple AirPods Pro VS Sony WF-1000XM3 and see how the technologies used in these headphones differ and which TWS are better!


It’s clear from the box that Apple adhered to minimalism and put only what is needed: in addition to the case and the headphones themselves,

  • There are 2 sets of ear cushions inside the white box plus those that are worn on the device.
  •  The sizes are, as always, S, M and L. Also here lies the Lightning wiring to USB Type-C, which is convenient not for all iPhone owners, because the USB Type-C charger itself is not here, 
  • And the standard one will not work – only from the Pro version .

I also did not find an adapter in the box for Sony  WF-1000XM3, but still there is a more universal cable from USB to USB Type-C – the same connector is installed in the case. 

But the main difference in Apple AirPods Pro VS Sony WF-1000XM3 is a set of 7 different earpads at once, including some XS (super small) sizes, with three silicone and the other three made of porous foam material with a memory effect. 

In general, there is a choice. It is also worth noting that the ear pads come in two colors – black and beige – depending on the color of the headphones themselves.

Charging cases and autonomy

  • Airpods has a super-small case, while Sony has a huge one. 
  • The first is a Lightning connector, and the second is a USB Type-C. It is interesting that both of them will work for up to 24 hours with a case and this is with noise reduction turned on. It is strange why this is such a significant difference in size.
  • But both are good in quality. Nice materials are used, and the folding mechanism pleases. But all other things being equal, Airpods wins here: the case has wireless charging.
  • But there is a minus: without a case, Airpods Pro only works 4 hours. I am based on my experience: I used both the “transparent” mode and active noise reduction. 

Sony is certainly in the lead here, giving out about 6 hours with active noise reduction and about 8 hours without! But they are also larger – what can I say!

Active noise reduction

Apple Airpods:

And those and other headphones are intra-channel, or more simply – gags. Their main feature, of course, is active noise reduction. 

If you rode in public transport or especially the subway with regular Airpods or other inserts, then you understand that even at full volume you cannot hear anything. What can I say about the plane?

In many ways, the plug design itself saves from ambient noise, but active noise cancelling is much more interesting, especially when paired with a transparency mode.

And this is what was most expected of TWS headphones. But how does it work inside? In fact, both Sony and Apple have their own chips and bugs.

Let’s start with Apple. The Cupertino team has developed its own noise reduction system from scratch, which is based on the h1 chip. This is the same ten-core chip found in past Airpods or Beats headphones.

Each Airpods Pro earpiece has three microphones: two look outward and one look inward – that is, it literally appears in your ear and hears about the same as you. The principle of the engine itself is approximately the same: noise from outside from external microphones is transmitted in antiphase to your ear, thereby damping that noise that comes from outside.

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Sony WF1000XM3

Sony has vast experience in manufacturing noise cancelling headphones. For several years, my colleagues and I have been using large headphones of the 1000th series.

 At the moment, this is Mark 3 and this is one of the best noise supporters today, because with every generation it has been improved. 

In turn, Japanese engineers tried to transfer their expertise into a more compact package. The QN1e chip with active noise reduction of 2 microphones is responsible for processing – internal and external.

 That is, one microphone less: does this mean that the noise reduction in Sony headphones is worse? 

Not at all! Firstly, it is different and the sensations are also different, they are a little difficult to compare. In addition, in a special application for Android or iOS, there are many settings. 

For example, you can enable the priority of the voice, which will break through the noise reduction; You can also adjust the noise reduction slider. 

Separately, it is worth noting the adaptive noise reduction algorithm. Depending on what you do and where you are, the headphones choose the best profile for you, determining the movement. 

For example, the noise reduction level decreases during hiking or cycling (all this is important especially when crossing the road). But if the external microphone hears a strong background noise, such as a subway or an airplane, the noise reduction is switched on to full.

By clicking on the touch panel of the left earphone here, the transparency mode is activated and the sound from the outside with amplification is sent to the ear. We can say that this is a kind of analog of the hearing aid.

Best Wireless Earbuds

Airpods also  have a transparency mode. It can be turned on either from the control panel on the iPhone or by clamping one of the ears. On Android smartphones, only the second method works.

 A nice feature is the special air channel, which allows the Airpods Pro to “breathe”. This eliminates the feeling of stuffiness from plugs. And in considering other brands you can buy the best wireless earbuds under 50$. But at that post, those are the best at their value point. From experience, I can say that the feeling does not disappear completely and many complain: the ears still get tired and the feeling itself is unpleasant. But it seems to me that the effect is less noticeable here than on other headphones.

I hope you will get the answer of Apple AirPods Pro VS Sony WF-1000XM3.

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