15 Realistic and Authentic Ways to Earn Money Online

We all want to make more and more money no matter where it is coming from as far as it is genuinely earned. We all are aware of the offline ways such as going to the offices and individual jobs to get monthly income. But is that enough for you? Don’t you feel the urge to get some extra bucks over and above your monthly income? We all do and especially for students they always feel short of money and keep looking for ways to meet their expenses. Most of them aren’t lucky to get pocket money or even if they get, that is never enough. So why not go the internetway to make extra money online. Online! Yes, you read it right, You can earn money online. As technology has evolved to the next level, online jobs are all the rage these days. You just need to find the one that will pay for your skills.

Online jobs are the need of the hour and every other person you will meet will blabber you about their online business and you will be like, why I am not doing that.  Maybe our generation has gone too lazy to go to offices or whatever be the reason, we all must have Googled ways to earn cash online. Even though I am a part of this online money making group and what you are reading now is earning me some money. Yeah, Blogging is one of the popular ways to earn extra money. It’s not just about blogging, there are many that you will further read.

So without further ado, let’s begin with the real ways to earn money online.

1. Blogging

Start blogging to earn money online

I already talked about it but let me shed some more light on it. Call it blogging or freelance writing, you get paid if you have the skills to create content and post it online. The blogger I know, Holly Jhonson, makes around $200,000 per year for the content she creates. I must say worth applauding.

2. Sell your Stuff

Sell Stuff to earn money online

It is not just about skills, you can still earn if you don’t have skills but some stuff worth selling. Declutter your wardrobe, accessories, bookshelf, and you will definitely find something that is of no use to you but can be sold online for some bucks. Earning while cleaning, isn’t that cool?

3. Get Rewards

to earn money online through reward

Filling online surveys, getting cashback for bill payment, making paid searches online are some of the options that let you fill your online wallet. Keep your eyes open and look for websites that let you earn cash online for writing reviews for apps.

4. Earn Interest

Earn Interset

Ever thought of earning money for money? Yes, that’s completely practical. Take out your savings and lend it to someone in need and earn interest in return. That definitely calls for a good deal.

5. Investment Time

Invest time on Stock exchange to earn money online

If you know how to play the stock market game safely and properly, you can definitely get rich if not richer. Invest your money, do the trading, and enjoy the extra income.

6. Review Music

Give Music review to earn money online

Hey you Melophile! Good news for you. You can earn while listening to your favorite music. There are websites giving reward points for reviewing music from different bands and artists.

7. Consulting

consult to to earn money online

If people seek advice from you, you can be a good consultant. No Kidding! If you have expertise in any field, you can find people to pay you for guiding them. Don’t think of yourself as an underdog as you never know what fortune your talent may bring you.

8. Online Classes

Start Online classes to earn money online

No school or institution is hiring you as a teacher? No problem, you can be your own boss. Use your skills to teach others by taking online classes. It’s not just about education; cooking, drawing, and guitar classes are some of the fun options that you can take online classes for.

9. Google AdSense

Start adsense to earn money online

Let’s get a bit professional. To earn a regular and long-term online income, Google AdSense is a good deal. But you need to work hard for this and keep your patience high. It involves creating a website, attract traffic, apply for AdSense, and let the money flow into your life.

10. Affiliate Marketing

Earn Money Online through Affiliate Marketing

For this, you need to have a website and work in partnership with brands and businesses. You can link their products or services on your website and every time someone buys using your link, you will make money. Now, you are getting an idea about how to make money on the internet.

11. Virtual Assistant

Find a job like Virtual assistant to earn money online

A virtual assistant gets to do office work from home. You get hired by clients who have a lot to do for their business and are looking for assistants.

12. Social Media

Use Social Media to earn money online

We all use them as a time killer but they can be your regular source of income. YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook give you a bucket full of opportunities, you need to be smart enough to make the right move.

13. Online Business

Earn Money Online through starting an online business

Running an online business is not a piece of cake but still, it is achievable. Moreover, you get a regular income and not just the temporary one. But for that, you need to set it up properly and work towards promoting it.

14. Freelancer

Start freelancing to earn money online

The term is in trend these days and people are proudly calling them a freelancer. You get to choose the skill, the company and then get paid after completing the task at the convenience of your home.

15. Buy and Sell Domain

Earn Money Online through buying and selling domains

This can also be profitable for you. You have heard of renting out your office or house and getting the rent for it. To your surprise, you can even buy, rent, or sell websites and earn money online. So instead of starting from scratch, you can also buy a website that already has good traffic.

Phew! I think I gave you enough options to choose from and get your career running. But still, if you are craving for more, you can visit the website for more detailed options.

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Infographic of Ways to Earn Money Online

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