The Health Benefits of Spending Holiday Time in or on the Water.

If you think back to when you were much younger, it’s likely that any time your parents said that they were taking you to the beach, you didn’t fight them about it at all. Any time the sun came out from behind the clouds, the family car would be loaded up with everything that we needed for the day and we would head off to the beach. It seemed we took advantage of any sunshine and for some reason, many people are drawn to the ocean and if we could, we would probably spend all of our time there. This has been found to be the case throughout the world and so this is why it makes perfect sense that you would want to also spend your holiday time by the ocean.

For a true ocean experience, you can enjoy one of the Maldives overwater villas that are actually built out there on the ocean and many have a section in the floor covered with glass and then you can actually watch the fish swim by and enjoy nature happening right there in front of you. This is an experience that everyone needs to enjoy at least once in their lifetimes and so this is something that needs to be added to everyone’s bucket list. There are so many health benefits to spending time around water and the following are just some of those.

  1. It Reduces Your Stress Levels – The ocean has always had a calming effect on everyone and the good news is that saltwater helps to induce body chemicals and hormones like serotonin and melatonin. These are the perfect answer for anyone who lives a high-stress lifestyle and so you will find that the smile will return to your face and you will get a better night’s sleep.
  2. It Just Makes You Happy – When you are staying in accommodation that is actually over the water then this provides you with the perfect opportunity to be able to breathe then clean salty air throughout the day and night. Surrounding yourself with the ocean helps to reduce symptoms of depression and it provides us with some much-needed energy.
  3. You Boost Your Immune System – We learned during the past 2 to 3 years that many of us were vitamin D deficient and the easiest and cheapest way to get this essential vitamin is to enjoy the sunshine on your perfect Maldives vacation. It is very important that you take steps to put on sunblock to protect your skin from harmful UV rays but getting a certain amount of sunshine every single day is incredibly important for your immune system.

By booking yourself into a villa that is directly over the water, not only are you having the ultimate holiday experience but you’re also doing positive things for your physical and mental health. You get to kill two birds with one stone here and when you come back from your vacation, you will definitely be rested and your stress levels will be back to normal.

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