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Charter Spectrum is one of the biggest internet service providers in the United States, covering almost 44 states across the country. Some areas may have different services varying due to the location and availability of the network. They offer connectivity services over a hybrid fiber-coaxial network, deploying fast internet speeds and reliable cable TV as well as voice plans at affordable rates. All of the  Spectrum listed plans come without a contract so there are no strings attached in case you want to shift services or are moving to another location.

An ISP is as stable as the communication and entertainment services that it provides. Spectrum plans and bundles are just that. They offer consistent services at amazing download speeds that go up to 940 Mbps. There is a huge network of around 250,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots available nationwide that all the Spectrum customers can access. Whether you’re a movie buff or are into online gaming, there is a customized plan for individuals as well as for the entire household. We do recommend that you try their bundles instead of single services. You can save a lot in terms of finances and be hassle-free due to comfortable monthly billings to one ISP.

If ever a customer has queries and concerns regarding any of their services then they can contact the Spectrum customer services either through phone or try the live email or chat options for speedy resolving of issues. The most amazing package that is an excellent value for money deal is the spectrum gold package. You can try the separate or standalone basic cable TV plan or bundle it with Internet and Voice services for extra value.

Every Spectrum Gold plan comes with a few perks and benefits. They include a DVR and an HD Box, a free modem, and a free security suite that keeps you safe from any cyber-attacks and viruses. You get unlimited fast-speed data with all plans. There is great variety in the number of plans offered by Spectrum. Just make sure you know what your requirements are from an ISP to make reasonable decisions. Another nice reward is that each new plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We’re highlighting all the Gold packages and their benefits by Spectrum to help users make the best decision:

Spectrum Gold Packages

1. Spectrum TV Gold

  • This standalone TV plan costs $89.99 per month with a price guarantee of 12 months. There are over 200 channels included in this plan with several free HD and premium ones. These include channels like HBO MAX, STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, SHOWTIME, THE MOVIE CHANNEL, and NFL Network, etc. Customers can also download the Samsung Smart TV app and watch live TV on various devices like Roku, Xbox One, and Apple TV, etc. There are thousands of amazing on-demand titles that include the best movies, seasons, and TV shows. To get this plan, you can either call Spectrum customer services or talk to a representative through live chat.

2. Spectrum Double Play Gold

  • This is the bundled deal, offering Cable TV as well as a fast speed internet connection. It costs $134.98 per month over 12 months. This one also offers 200+ channels to the customers including free HD, the Spectrum TV App, and some amazing channel line-ups. There are thousands of movies and titles which you can watch on-demand. The lowest internet plan has now been upgraded to 200 Mbps speed. There are no data caps, which allows for unlimited downloads, binge-watching, online gaming, and a free Modem.

3. Spectrum Triple Play Gold

  • This bundle plan costs $144.97 a month with a consistent price for 12 months. The number of regular as well as free HD channels remains the same as the above-mentioned plans. There is the Spectrum TV App, over 10,000 On-demand titles with super-fast internet download speeds of up to 940 Mbps, and unlimited data. Free modem, free access to Wi-Fi hotspots, and unlimited talk time throughout the nation with additional free calling to Mexico, Canada, and other territories. There are more than 28 calling features added with this deal.

DVR & HD Box

Every Spectrum TV plan comes with a high-quality DVR that helps you record data content from your Cable TV so that you never have to miss any of your favorite shows and titles. If you are planning on getting cable TV in different rooms simultaneously inside the house, then you can get any number of DVRs as per requirement for an additional cost of $10 per box. There is a free HD Box with all of the Gold plans so that you can enjoy an amazing on-screen high-definition experience.

Premium Channels

With Spectrum Gold TV plans, you get accessibility to all the premium channels as well. Your entertainment is guaranteed with Spectrum. If you’re just sitting around the house with nothing much to do, just order a title through their on-demand service and you’re all set for a fun movie night.

Easy Installation

Forget about any hassles and troubles relating to the installation of Spectrum services. They have technical staff that is highly qualified and trained for installing devices and putting up your Cable TV, with valuable customer services.

Channel Lineup on Gold Plans

There is nothing that you won’t find with Spectrum cable TV. There are several channels available, relevant to all genres and fields, including science, technology, sports, movies, news, music, local channels, lifestyle, and much more. There is something for everyone with Spectrum Gold Plans. If you are in the market for an internet service provider, which offers variable options for communication as well as entertainment, then you can try checking the Spectrum website for exact details about plans and packages.

In case you’re stuck with another ISP and can’t wait to get out of a contract, then Spectrum comes in with their contract buy-out offer. They are offering up to $500 to help potential customers switch to their services with no extra or hidden fees. Now, what can be more amazing than that?

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