What are the Best Treatments for Your Nails?

Your nails are an indicator of your health. Strong, healthy nails indicate good health and can contribute positively to your appearance. However, in some cases, the nails may not be as strong as they ought to be. Addressing this problem requires you to pay close attention to your nails. Below are some of the best nail treatment recommendations from Greentoes Nail Salons.

Biotin Supplements

Biotin is an important member of the Vitamin B complex family. It is also found in vitamin H. Because it is a water-soluble vitamin, Biotin isn’t retained in the body, and so your body needs a daily dose of it to maintain balance and health. Biotin helps to strengthen the nails and also improves hair health. Organic sources of this vitamin include legumes, cooked eggs, sardines, and other food substances. You can also take Biotin supplements to make up for the body’s needs.

Reduce Exposure to Water

Your nails love water, but too much of everything is bad. If your nails are constantly exposed to too much water, they may become brittle and weak. Weak nails break off often, making it almost impossible for you to achieve the aesthetics you want. You can reduce exposure to water while handling day-to-day tasks by wearing protective coverings like gloves. Please note that it is quite impossible to keep your fingers away from water; however, you can significantly minimize the exposure.

Stay Hydrated

Water serves many functions in the body. It improves blood circulation, boosts temperature distribution, aids digestion, and also ensures nail health. When you consume the right amount of water daily, your nails stand a better chance of getting the right amount of moisture needed to strengthen them and also aid their growth. With proper hydration, you may also be able to strengthen your nails to prevent breaking or peeling.


Your diet is what supplies your body with the essential building blocks needed for growth and development. If you consume a poor diet lacking in one or more nutrients, the chances are high that your body will respond by rationing the available nutrients. On the other hand, a balanced diet with abundant nutrients and food classes will aid growth and development. It will also contribute to your nail health. With a balanced diet, your nails will get the essential nutrients and minerals required to keep them strong and healthy.

Choose Nail Products Wisely

There are tons of nail products on the market today. Not all of these nail products contribute positively to your nail health. Some nail products contain harsh chemicals that harm your nails and can destroy their aesthetics. The best line of action is to look for organic nail salons. These salons use vetted products that are free from heavy chemicals and offer a better chance of boosting nail health.

Avoid Gel and Acrylic Nails

Gel and acrylic nails are the commonest kinds of artificial nails available on the market. Many people have become familiar with these nail extensions that it has become a routine and part of their personality. However, acrylic and gel nails often weaken natural nails, mainly because of the chemicals used to apply and remove these nail extensions. In addition, acrylic and gel nails are often exposed to ultraviolet light, which can also be a risk factor in the presence of certain chemicals. To prevent brittle or weak natural nails, you may want to stay away from these extensions for some time.

Give Your Nails a Polish-Break

Some people love the appearance and appeal of their nails so much that they always have nail polish on. This recurrent and frequent use of nail polish harms the nails. If you can afford to, it is recommended to stay away from nail polish for some time to allow your nails to breathe. Coating your nails with polish all the time can suffocate them, thus weakening the nails or discoloring them.

Also, try to stay away from acetone-based polish removals. Acetone is a strong chemical that can affect the chemical balance of your nails. Prioritize acetone-free polish remover if you must.

Keep Your Nails Short

Long nails are more likely to break at any length. Broken nails may destroy the appeal of your fingers. By keeping your nails on the short end, you can avoid this problem while grooming out the brittle nails to be replaced by stronger ones.

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