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It takes much more than marketing knowledge to do web marketing. To do so, you must be at the cutting edge of technology and master web marketing tools, especially the all-in-one (or turnkey) ones. Clickfunnels is one of these tools and it must be admitted that it is very effective and very popular with professionals. However,, which is a more recent platform, also proves to be very efficient and presents itself as a better alternative to the first tool due to its more advantageous functionalities.

There are many points of comparison between Clickfunnels and and each of these platforms has its strengths and weaknesses. In order to create these two tools, here are the criteria we have retained:

  • The functionalities;

  • The tariffs;

  • The language of use;

  • Innovations


Comparison of and Clickfunnels functionalities

At first glance, let’s recall that Clickfunnels and are platforms that help entrepreneurs to realize, manage and boost their web marketing by facilitating and automating their needs such as :

  • The creation of sales tunnels;

  • The management of orders, payments and deliveries;

  • The monitoring of results through a dashboard.

The functionalities offered by the two platforms are therefore almost the same, but what makes them different is their ease of use.

For example, e-mailing is easier on because the contacts are automatically managed by tags, which avoids importing a contact list for each distribution.

Also, the dashboard on is easier to view than the one on Clickfunnels because the indicators are presented in 03 distinct blocks.

Comparison of and Clickfunnels rates

Rates are one of the biggest advantages of compared to other web marketing platforms. Indeed, allows its users to access its functionalities in exchange for the payment of one or the other of these 03 rates:

  • 27 euros/month: for a formula called “Startup”, adapted to Startups, with the possibility of reaching up to 5000 contacts, with 03 member sites;

  •  47 euros/month: for the “Webinar” package, which offers more options, including 03 webinars, 10,000 contacts and 05 member sites;

  • 97 euros/month: for the “Company” pack where all the functionalities are accessible and the number of training sessions is unlimited.

Clickfunnels, on the other hand, offers only two monthly rates and they are higher because the lower Clickfunnels rate is the higher rate of, yet it gives access to functionalities that are equivalent to the “Startup” formula of

And to have unlimited access to all the Clickfunnels features, you have to add 200 euros more.

What languages are used on and Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is an American platform and is presented entirely in English. While is a French platform, but offers two language options: French and English.

So you will have understood that for French people who do not speak English very well, it is better to use because the language barrier on Clickfunnels can be restrictive. Not knowing the jargon in English could indeed induce the entrepreneur to make mistakes when using the functionalities on Clickfunnels.

Apart from that, the advantage of is that it makes a Marketing Dictionary available to its users so that they don’t get the terminology wrong.

Innovations on a big advantage for the platform

It is true that is still a recent tool. However, considering its seniority on the market, we can say that its statistics show a very good performance: nearly 12 million sales generated in only 3 years of seniority and more than 5000 paying customers.

In addition, the functionalities on have been optimally programmed to allow entrepreneurs to achieve a better conversion rate. This is why, even if there are fewer templates on, they are sufficient and relevant because the questions are well chosen. Here, quality compensates well for quantity.

Finally, since is a new platform, its improvement is continuous and more frequent, and future innovations are even more promising than the features you are currently discovering.

All in all, Clickfunnels well deserves its prestige as a leader in web marketing thanks to its proven performance over the past several years., for its part, is just as competitive and seems to be a better alternative thanks to its undeniably good quality-price ratio.

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