Notable Challenges of Motherhood

Different Areas of Challenge

Some parents will have a harder time when their children are between the ages of five and ten than they will when those same kids hit the teenage years. Not only is every child different, but every parent is as well. If you’re going to be a good mother, it’s not about never making mistakes or never being challenged in a way that pushes you.

It’s about understanding this is part of what it means to be a parent, and conforming your attitude to push through to the right outcome anyway. It’s about showing up and seeing it through. With that in mind, following we’ll explore three notable challenges defining motherhood.

Birth: Some Say This is the Biggest Challenge

There’s nausea, heartburn, digestion issues, morning sickness, the pain of birth, and often associated medical issues unique to a mother. You almost always want to go to a gynecological obstetrician like this Newton OB/GYN. Such professionals help determine if your pregnancy is healthy, and what you need to do.

There are sometimes exercises that become necessary, in certain situations you may have to drastically change your diet, and the list goes on. That nine-month period tends to be intense, and some say after you give birth, everything else is a breeze.

Well, not everyone agrees with that sentiment, but it’s easy to see how this is one of motherhood’s greatest challenges. It’s like going through an initiation ritual.

Lactation: It Should Be Straightforward, But Isn’t Always

When it comes to lactation, your child shouldn’t have trouble latching onto your breast. However, sometimes, things that should be straightforward aren’t. You may well have to seek the services of a professional or explore options available through a lactation consultant program.

Handling sore nipples, stimulating milk production, learning which holds work best, and related information can all be ascertained from such programs. These ultimately help you benefit from what those who have gone before you learned.

The Terrible Twos Have Nothing on the Terrible Teens

You’re not in physical pain during the teen years, but the psychological aspect of this period can be exceptionally trying. Girls rebel, boys do dangerous things, either flavor lies, they steal money, they act like they know who they are, and they don’t realize until some time in their twenties they had no idea. You were a teenager once—some mothers give birth in those years.

So you’ve got a lot to think about, one of the things being a distinct hope that your son or daughter succeeds where you failed, and avoids the mistakes you made. All too often, this isn’t the case. In fact, sometimes the harder you try to protect them, the more determinedly they lean into the same errors you remember.

The terrible twos are when the young ones have to be monitored at all times, and you need to put outlet protectors in all of the sockets while hiding poisonous things the kid might sample. But such toddling years fade away quickly. The teen years are when a child consciously seeks out things that could prove destructive. Finding a parent group during these years can help.

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Being A Good Mom Means Being There

It’s not about whether you make all the right or wrong decisions. You’re going to make mistakes. And you’re going to do some things better than any mom in the world. It’s about whether you show up. Birth is hard, nursing is also a challenge, and when the teen years come, they are surprisingly turbulent. But you can persevere; just be there.

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