How to Choose a Brain Injury Attorney?

Brain injuries can be devastating. They can lead to short and long-term disabilities and leave the victim unable to perform regular functions and responsibilities. As a brain injury victim, hiring an accident attorney is one of the best ways to fight your case and demand damages for your pain and suffering.

Hiring a brain injury attorney improves your chances of correctly filing a claim, understanding personal injury laws, and demanding the highest possible amount in damages. Below are some important qualities to look for in a brain injury lawyer.


Experience is an important consideration when hiring a brain injury lawyer. It can make a big difference between the legal strategies adopted and how your case is handled. You don’t want to play around with a brain injury claim, so you must prioritize the attorney’s experience in handling such cases.

Concerning the lawyer’s experience, some of the benefits include the following;

Knowledge of insurance companies: Experienced brain injury lawyers understand insurance companies and how they act when claims are filed. They also understand the chances of damages and what to expect from an insurance company during negotiations or trial proceedings. This knowledge and their experience dealing with insurance companies can shape how they handle your case and protect your interest. Based on their experience, the attorney can also advise you on whether to accept a settlement offer.

Knowledge of the law: Personal injury incidents are different and should be handled differently. A traumatic brain injury lawyer understands how brain injury impacts the victim’s life and the cost of rehabilitation. They also understand how such injuries can affect the victim in the short and long run. This knowledge can be used to calculate damages suffered and future medical costs.

Knowledge of the local court system: An experienced brain injury lawyer understands the local court system, judges, and local processes. This can inform their decision about settling for an offer from the insurance company or proceeding to trial.

Good reviews 

Reviews are an excellent way to get a glimpse of what a lawyer offers in terms of fees, service quality, customer service, etc. Reviews from past clients can tell you what to expect, whether good or bad. To get a holistic view of what an attorney offers, look for reviews from multiple sources, including;

Reviews on the attorney’s website: Reviews on the attorney’s website are a good way to see what happy clients have to say about the quality of their services. While reading reviews on the law firm’s website is great, it can sometimes be biased as the law firm won’t publish negative reviews.

Reviews on legal websites: Another great review source is sites like Avvo, BBB, etc. Legal directories often have varying reviews from past clients who are either happy or angry at the quality of services they’ve received.

Reviews on Google and social media: Google and social media reviews are also a great way to learn more about law firms and their service quality. Combine the reviews from independent sources to decide whether to hire the law firm or not.

Legal Team

The quality of your legal team can immensely affect the outcome of your case. While some lawyers work alone, others work in teams, pooling resources and brainstorming legal strategies to get the desired outcome.

Before hiring, ensure you’ve decided on what you want, whether a legal team or a one-on-one relationship with the attorney handling your case. For a case as complex and complicated as a brain injury claim, you may be better off working with a team with the right resources to back your claims.


Communication is important in any legal framework, whether you’ve chosen to hire an individual lawyer or a team of lawyers. You must understand how the attorneys communicate, their customer service, how long it takes to respond to your inquiries, your point of contact if working with a legal team, and the best means to reach your attorneys.

Attorneys who take days to respond to messages or get back to you may not be the best option for you, especially if you have many questions to ask.


Most people avoid hiring public defenders for insurance claims because of their huge caseload. A huge caseload means the attorney may find it harder to give your case the attention it needs to achieve an expected outcome.

Having opted to hire a private lawyer, you should also consider their caseload. Lawyers with moderate or low caseloads tend to devote more time to your case and legal defense.

Legal Fees and Payment Arrangements

Legal fees are an important consideration when hiring an injury lawyer. Although most injury lawyers offer a contingency fee arrangement, knowing how much they charge at the end of the case is important. Ensure that you ask questions that clarify the percentage of your damages they’ll take as legal fees and costs, whether they’ll deduct the fees from the entire settlement or after the legal costs have been removed, etc.

The above considerations can help you select the perfect personal injury lawyer for your brain injury claims case.

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