Top 10 Classic Shoes Every Man Should Own

classic shoes

Shoes have a paramount role in the men’s fashion world, since you see people’s feet before you even introduce yourself. It is inevitable that if you want to make a good lasting first impression on someone, you need to dress well. Hence, the style of your shoes will have an impact on the type of impression that you will leave behind.

There are a lot of mens shoes which you can buy. Your sneakers or sports shoes will not do the job everywhere and that is why you have to buy a versatile shoe collection that will look good on every outfit you own. Then, we should decide the kind of men’s shoes that need to be included in your shoe closet.

  1. Classic lace-up Oxfords: Oxfords is the classic choice of man’s footwear which matches with every formal clothing that is why it is the necessity. With the lacing system that pulls them tight to the foot and a form fitting silhouette, they look really sharp. If you have a business meeting to go to, or any formal occasion like a wedding or a reception party, a pair of these shoes in neutral colors such as black, tan or brown are the best choice.
  2. Smart slip-ons: They are a game changer in formal mens shoes from buckle closure to a balanced sophistication and personifying individuality. To be honest, the pair of shoes can be worn to any formal occasion.
  3. Stylish sneakers: If you want to play it cool and be relaxed with your style, sneakers are the best choice when it comes to men’s footwear. The clean white sneakers will help you get to a great casual look with some style. If you want to experiment with something new by putting a modern spin on your traditional dress, you can wear sneakers with your kurta and salwar.
  1. Refined loafers: Loafers display a timeless and stylish look and can match with your pants and jeans. Whether it is leather or suede, loafers are always the best choice. They can always be used for either dressing up or down depending on your mood.
  2. Timeless moccasins: These shoes for those in the market for a casual footwear that guarantees comfort. These shoes are perfect for everyday use because of their soft and compliant design, combined with the unique stitching patterns. Without these wonders, a weekend getaway is not as complete.
  3. Classic saddle shoes: At first, they were very famous as golf shoes, and they work great with trousers or chinos, thus, you can easily wear this style with a retro look and a modern twist.
Classic saddle shoes
  1. Versatile canvas shoes: Such a light and breathable shoe type is an indispensable piece of your equipment, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. These shoes add an effortless vibe to a casual outfit when you match them with jeans or shorts.
  2. Dapper Chelsea boots: Mixing style and functionality with the Chelsea boots. As with all the shoes you purchase, you should first identify what look you want to achieve. Are you going for a polished look, in which case they will look perfect with your trousers or do you want to go for a rugged look, in which case your jeans would be the best choice?
  3. Practical desert boots: In the beginning, they were intended for the use of British soldiers during World War II. Later they were adopted as a fashion icon. Desert boots are identified with suede toe and crepe soles, which makes them quite comfortable and long-wearing. Match them with denim or chinos for a relaxed look with a little touch of ruggedness. Use our AI to write for you by simply inputting an outline and watch the magic happen. Start Writing
  4. Sophisticated dress boots: These are shoes for formal events and they provide a somewhat touch of elegance to any outfit. They are versatile enough to complement any outfit, whether it is a bespoke suit or relaxed with dark denim for a sharp look that grabs attention.

Like a modern man, these shoes should be present in your wardrobe as they can be used in creating a diverse collection.

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