3 Lucky Benefits of Cloud Computing to Your Business

Did you know? About 69% of businesses across the globe are integrating cloud-based computing in one way or the other.

Yes, that data is coming right from the well-respected International Data Group.

The same group of the very tip-top data scientist gurus calculated that businesses that adopt cloud computing in their operations are 53% more profitable than those that did not.

Still yet to find a reason to join the cloud tribe?

See below for the 3 lucky benefits of cloud-based computing to your business.

Security from Data Theft

Your business data is gold. No, it is that little-big secrete that can be used against you by your competitors, should they get their hands on it. But while you may be all concerned about external data burglars alone, most of the data leak reports are traceable to the subject organizations’ employees. 

And thanks to the adoption of encryption used in cloud-based data storage and transfer, only you get to decide who you want to see your data. Neither the very wizard cyber-thieves nor your employees can get in your data bank. Don’t believe it? Well, according to a study by RapidScale, 94% of businesses reported a super-heightened security strength after the first few weeks of switching to cloud computing.

In other news, 91% of businesses reported that switching to cloud-computing solutions has enabled them to be more in compliance with the government’s requirement. Ready to join the bandwagon? Get over to IS&T We Get IT! For your custom cloud-computing solution right away.

While moving or upgrading to the cloud, always make sure that you are doing it under the supervision of an expert. The reason being is that migration to the cloud is a bit complex and you need to make sure all your assets are being transferred properly without any risk of security breach. So, hiring a professional company will always be a good idea. We’d recommend DataKnox, a data center decommissioning company that not only help you with the cloud migration but also will take care of your old data centers, hardware etc. in a great way. 

Puts Your Updates on Autopilot

If you’ve never had to pay heavily for IT support just to make the right updates to your pieces of business operation software, you may not know the importance of a cloud-based application yet. 

Software hosted in the cloud either automatically updates itself or allows you to do it just at the click of a button. This way, the IT staff can finally be free from your pressure about software updating and focus on driving productivity.

Another great side to it is that your business operation budget is more predictable as there won’t be the need to spend money on an update when you least expect it.

To take this beyond words, you may want to look up PCWordl’s report about the increasing statistics of about 50% of businesses who have reported fewer citations of IT resources after adopting the cloud.

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Fastest Disaster Recovery

We all like to be in charge. But in business, it’s not just about likes. It would be best if you were in charge. 

Yes! A 5-minutes downtime can ruin your brand’s reputation, affect your revenue, and make you lost productivity big time.

And while disasters of all kinds are yet to be made totally avoidable, you can put yourself on the safer side. 

Take your business to the cloud (not cloud9, please) and become a part of the 20% of cloud users who report speedy disaster recoveries of 4hours and less.

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