Celsius vs Acash: What is the Difference?

While cryptography was very young, passive earnings on crypto-assets were not envisaged. As the industry develops, the opportunities for using digital assets are gradually expanding. The crypto world already has an almost exact analog of classical banking and universal payment systems. The first such solutions were Celsius, ACH, and several other projects.

What is Celsius (CEL)

The idea to create and specific uses of cryptocurrency platform that would provide banking and financial services was just in the air. In 2018, this idea was embodied in the Celsius universal platform.

Platform users who deposit cryptocurrencies receive interest on their assets. In addition, the platform provides cryptocurrency loans and payment services.

The platform launched its own multifunctional CEL token. In particular, the use of CEL to make payments is encouraged by increased user payouts.

Features of the Celsius project

Financial Services in the crypto world is quite an expected solution. However, the Celsius platform strives to be better than traditional banking. Its terms and conditions for the provision of financial services in traditional banking institutions are no longer valid.

These are higher interest rates on deposits and savings, simplified and fairer lending terms, and automatic rewards. The amount of remuneration is calculated for each user based on the totality of interactions with the platform. In addition, the system does not provide for bank fees and fines.

The CelPay feature provides the ability to make payments like a crypto wallet. Users using CEL tokens for settlements receive an increased reward.

Celsius also provides loans to large organizations such as hedge funds. To provide a loan, the borrower must prove its solvency by providing an asset whose value exceeds the amount of the loan in the destination currency. In this way, payment is guaranteed.

What is Alchemy Pay

Alchemy Pay is the first payment gateway solution that bridges the crypto and fiat economies. Crypto payments are not the only possibility of Alchemy Pay. Users have easy, seamless access to blockchain solutions, crypto investment, and DeFi services.

ACH Token

The Alchemy Pay system uses its own ACH token. This is an ERC-20 token that can be accumulated, received, sent, used as collateral, and as a means of paying fees. In addition, ACHs are given a voice in community governance scenarios.

Unique features of Alchemy Pay

The Alchemy Pay system was created to unite the fiat and cryptocurrency ecosystems. It provides fast, convenient, secure, flexible, and scalable global payment solutions. These solutions are based on smart contracts, the second layer scaling solutions, and blockchain technology consensus mechanisms.

The Alchemy Pay ecosystem hosts multi-cryptocurrency transactions, cross-network, peer-to-peer, conditional and combined payments, escrow, and other transactions, including the fiat version of each of the services.

Differences between Celsius and Alchemy Pay

The differences between the CEL and ACH tokens are dictated by the features of the platforms on which they operate. The CEL is primarily intended to encourage the use of crypto banking on the Celsius platform.

The main function of ACH is payment; additionally, the token gives the right to participate in the management of the platform.

Where to buy tokens

The CEL token is available for purchase on the FTX, Bittrex, CoinEx, Gate.io, and some other exchanges. ACH is represented on the platforms of Gate.io, Binance, Huobi Global, Coinbase, Tokocrypto. If you are looking for the easiest way to buy the asset you need – welcome to LetsExchange. The platform supports over 350 coins and tokens, all operations are performed without registration and any restrictions.

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