EchoStar Launch Of New Satellite Delayed To 2022

In unfortunate news, HughesNet Internet, parent company Echostar announces the delay of new satellite Jupiter 3 launch into 2022. The Jupiter 3 satellite was initially planned for a 2021 launch, but is now delayed to 2022 due to manufacturing complications from the coronavirus pandemic.

In the announcement, it was mentioned that due to the delays, there’s no way we will see a launch earlier than the first quarter of 2022. Unfortunately this announcement doesn’t come as a surprise since this wasn’t the first announcement of a delay and might not be the last.

The push into 2022 is caused by manufacturing delays undoubtedly caused from the coronavirus pandemic. Specific details were not shared, but California’s statewide restrictions from stay at home mandates and social distancing to flatten the curve of COVID-19 infection rates has slowed much of the manufacturing in the industry. Although the launch date is being pushed back, it has also been confirmed that the company will not incur any additional costs because of the delays, therefore there is none that could possibly be passed down to the customer later.

What Is HughesNet Internet?

HughesNet is a nationwide satellite internet provider serving more than 1.2 million Americans. A majority of HughesNet customers reside in areas currently underserved rural communities where there is no DSL, cable or fiber internet providers, making satellite is the only way to get internet access.

All HughesNet Gen5 internet plans have internet speeds as fast as 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. Unlike previous Gen4 internet plans, Gen5 plans have no hard data limits that won’t cut customers off or charge them more once they use up their data plan in a given billing cycle. HughesNet has also made it easier for their customers to stay connected by offering a Wi-Fi enabled modem router included in every HughesNet Gen5 internet plan. The modem is professionally installed and supported by HughesNet so new customers won’t have to struggle to install it themselves after the installer leaves to test their new internet.

Upcoming Improvements To HughesNet Internet Service

The launch of Jupiter 3 is a much anticipated and vital piece in improving HughesNet internet services. It will enable the company to offer internet speeds from as fast as 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps and even higher.

Many new technological advances have been made and incorporated into the Jupiter 3’s design, making the satellite able to provide more bandwidth in concentrated areas. The network will be optimized based on anticipated user demand rather than just being available nationwide. It’s not a secret that the majority of internet providers have slower internet speeds during peak times no matter what technology they use. With this further optimization, HughesNet could provide faster internet speeds at the same rate of consistency as they do now when customers need it most. No other satellite launched by HughesNet can do this.

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With such a significant jump in internet speeds and technology to anticipate peak times, could the Jupiter 3 satellite be the launch of HughesNet Gen 6? Only time will tell if Jupiter 3 really is bringing the next generation of HughesNet internet. We’ll be patiently waiting on the edge of our seats for the next update, so stay tuned.

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