Passing Experience-Cloud-Consultant Certification Exam Test Questions

The Salesforce Expertise Cloud Authority Certificate is intended for consultants who have expertise in implementing and consulting on the Salesforce expertise applications during a customer-facing role. The Salesforce expertise Cloud authority test is for people WHO need to demonstrate their skills and data in planning, configuring, building, and implementing Salesforce expertise applications victimization of the declarative customization capabilities of the expertise platforms.        

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The Salesforce expertise Cloud authority is in a position to fulfill client business necessities that are unit rectifiable and scalable, and that contribute to semipermanent client success. The certificate has relevance to customers, partners, employees, and anyone inquisitive about demonstrating competency with expertise in Cloud.                                                                                                                                            To qualify to require the Salesforce expertise Cloud authority test, candidates should have earned the Salesforce Administrator certificate.

Salesforce Expertise Cloud Consultant:

The Salesforce Certified expertise Cloud authority has expertise victimization of the Salesforce expertise applications. The Salesforce Certified expertise Cloud authority may troubleshoot and solve platform problems.                                                                       

The Salesforce Certified Expertise Cloud adviser ought to have most six months of active expertise administrating or developing on the Salesforce expertise Cloud platform. The Salesforce Certified Expert Cloud adviser possesses facilitation and skills at a technical level. The candidates may go internally as workers or as an adviser.      

The salesforce Certified experience Cloud Consultant should have a maximum of six months of hands-on experience administrating or developing on the Salesforce Experience Cloud platform. The Salesforce Certified experience Cloud Consultant possesses facilitation and skills at a technical level. The candidates may work internally as an employee or as a consultant.

Jobs Candidates Can Have After Experience Cloud Consultant Certification:

A candidate with experience with Cloud Consultant Certification can apply for different jobs, which include the following roles:

  • Consultant/Senior consultant.
  • Delivery Manager/Director.
  • Salesforce Developer.
  • Salesforce administrator.
  • Business Analyst, Business Consultant, or Functional Architect.
  • Solution Architect.
  • Technical architect.
  • Experience Cloud site Manager or engagement Manager.

And other jobs related to the Salesforce platform so that candidates can achieve a professional career after this exam certification. 

Skills Required for Experience Cloud Consultant Certification:

After applying for experience Cloud Consultant, a candidate should have the experience, skills, and knowledge of the following domains:

  • Select the correct external user license.
  • Enable Digital Experience.
  • Identify the suitable template for a given use case.
  • Personalize the experience for different audiences.
  • Understand declarative sharing options.
  • Create sharing sets.
  • Create and provision external users.
  • Set the correct User Visibility for a given use case.
  • Understand expertise role best practices.
  • Configure Self-registration.
  • Configuration Social Sign-on.
  • Setup Channel sales (PRM).
  • Setup external accounts and external account relationships.
  • Setup reputation levels and gamification.
  • Analyze usage (page view and others).
  • Make reports and dashboards accessible in experiences.

And other skills are mandatory for bright and excellent performance not only in exam certification but also for future professional work. 

About the Experience Cloud Consultant Exam:                               

Here I will let you know some basic details of experience Cloud Consultant exam certification that will help you through the preparations and exam day.

  • Content:                      60 multiple choice questions and up to 5 unscored questions.
  • Time Duration:          105 minutes.
  • Passing score:           65%.
  • Registration Fee:      200$, plus applicable taxes, and the fee of this exam may vary from one country to another.
  • Retake Fee:               100 USD, plus other applicable taxes required by law.
  • Delivery options:         Proctored communication delivered onsite at a testing center or in an internet-proctored atmosphere.
  • References:                 No text or alternative online materials are allowed throughout the communication length.
  • Prerequisite:     Salesforce administrator Credential.

All of these are essential factors related to exam candidates should be familiar with before applying for Experience Cloud Consultant exam certification.

Exam Outline Of Experience Cloud Consultant:                                   

The Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant Exam measures a candidate’s knowledge, experiences, and skills related to the following objectives: a candidate should have expertise in each area discussed here.

Experience Cloud Basic: 8%                                                                                         

Illustrate the explanations for making or utilizing associate degree expertise for a selected use case.            Identify the foremost common personas for expertise Cloud.                                                      

Assess the common forms of external accounts and the way they’re utilized in associate degree expertise.

Sharing, Visibility, and Licensing:  17%                                                                              

Given a situation, set the right user visibility in associate degree expertise.      

Recommended the Declarative Sharing possibility that might be leveraged for associate degree expertise. Given a group of needs, assess that external license sort.                                                     

Given a situation, implement external account relationships for associate degree expertise.                       Given a situation, verify a security model supported associate degree expertise use case.                            Describe roles for external users.

Templates and Themes: 10%                                                                                                                     

  • Given a situation, choose a suitable theme for associate degree expertise.                               
  • Given a situation, determine the proper model for the expertise.                                               
  • Apply to package, export, and import a model.                                                                       
  • Access the utilization of lightning bolts in Experiences.

Branding, Personalization, and Content: 15%.                                                               

  • Modify associate degree expertise inside the expertise Builder.                                          
  • Explain the capabilities of Search inside associate degree expertise.                                
  • Implement Salesforce CMS content into associate degree experience.                                    
  • Given a situation, build articles visible or accessible in associate degree expertise.

User Creation and authentication: 13%                                                                       

Describe the various ways in which users may be created, like manual, information Loader, Self-Registration, and Just-in-time provisioning.                                                                      

Describe choices for Single sign-on.                                                                                       

Identify a way to grant users access to associate degree skills.                                           

Apply the steps for sanctioning partner and customers users for expertise.

Customization thought, and Limitations:  7%                                                                 

Explain the constraints across all Experiences.

Administration, Setup, and Configuration: 25%                                                             

Apply the steps for implementing Channel Sales Partner Relationship Management.      

  • Describe the capabilities of various expertise preparation and migrations.                             
  • Describe a way to alter associate degrees and activate expertise.                                           
  • Given a situation, suggested and enforced Delegated External User administration.   
  • Determine the steps to make public expertise.                                                                   
  • Determine steps to peace and start topics.                                                                                
  • Apply ticketing and repair Cloud capabilities for expertise Cloud.

Adoption and Analytics: 5%                                                                                             

Apply the steps to line up expertise dashboards and insight.                                                  

Analyze and apply expertise Moderation options.                                                                       

Given a situation, use fundamental best practices for adoption and engagement.  

Understanding and experience of all of those topics are a unit necessary for clearing and qualifying for expertise as a Cloud adviser.                                                                            

You can prepare these study outlines online, with completely different courses, study guides, exam dumps, pdf files, video and audio lectures, and different study materials. There are completely different online courses you’ll check to arrange for your examination. Different totally completely different websites have designed different courses for you, like Salesforce, website, and others. Therefore you’ll bear these websites for your preparations.


In this article, I have discussed every important thing related to the Experience Cloud Consultant exam certification. 

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