Fun Prank Apps to Explore

In today’s technological era where everything has become digitized, most of us wouldn’t go a single day without using at least one app on our smartphones. If you’re still playing knock, knock ginger and playing spur of the moment prank calls it’s time to catch up with the times!


Pranks have also become digitized in the form of prank apps. These apps provide tonnes of original prank ideas to pull off on your friends. And, with so many, you won’t have to play the same prank twice. Below we have narrowed down our top 4 prank apps, saving you the trouble of looking. Let’s begin!

Scary Prank- App

Who said you have to wait until Halloween or the dead of night to pull off scary pranks? If you feel like seeing great jumpscares and messing with a friend’s head, it’s time to download Scary Prank- App.

Offering a wide selection of scary photos and just as terrifying accompanying sounds, users will have to choose both before the prank can be played.

After selecting your scary duo, set the appropriate pickup time limit and press the ‘start Scarring button’ before giving your phone to a friend. 

Once the timer begins, hand your phone to a friend and wait until the scary picture and sound appear on the phone screen. The phone will also vibrate for added tension, making for even better jumpscares. Regardless of the application being used at the time, the image and sound will play out of the blue.


If you tend to mumble over the phone, then prank calling is no easy feat. The OwnagePranks app completely takes prank call bloopers out of the equation, offering over 100 prerecorded calls to select from for your prank calls.

Each prerecording has a unique prank scenario (some more outrageous than others) which you can listen to beforehand, some of these include:

Your Kid is Mine!: A great prank to send to a friend who just became a parent; Tyronne insists he’s the father to your kid and wants to visit him/her to spend some fatherly time.


Can I Buy Your Cat?: Know someone who treats their cat like their kid? In this prank call, Abdu asks you to buy your cat off you, offering $2000 to where he threatens to lure the cat away with tuna if you refuse.

With so much variety and a long list of prank scripts to browse through, users can save time by visiting the OwnagePranks website. Each prank is categorized under separate prank groups such as ‘Dating & Love’ and ‘Family’ to help users search more efficiently.

Hair Clippers Prank

The Hair Clippers Prank does exactly what it says in its title, to ruthlessly prank others into thinking you’ve deliberately trimmed part of their hair off giving them a bald patch.

Perfect to play on someone who just got a nice haircut; the app replicates a hair trimmer by making the same buzzing sound while simultaneously vibrating. Users can see where they’re trimming as the front camera displays this on their phone screen.

To best pull off this prank, sneak up behind a girl or guy and quickly run your phone through their hair, afterwards saying it was an accident. Let others in on the joke beforehand so they can comment on how bad the bald patch looks. No doubt this will cause some great freak-out moments from the people you’re pranking.

Fight Photo Editor: Battle Effect Montage App

The first rule of Fight Photo Editor is, you do not talk about Fight Photo Editor! Ok, 90s movie references aside this app lets you add cuts, bloody wounds, blood sprays and all kinds of crazy injuries to your face using its photo editor. After adding mentioned effects, you’ll have a selfie that looks like you’ve just come out of a battle or war zone.

The Fight Photo Editor app has an entire catalogue of cool effects and filters which you can effortlessly apply to your selfie, without any photoshop experience required. In a few minutes, you can have a small collection of battle photos, giving you a different makeover every time.

Perfect for scaring the living daylights out of family members into thinking you’ve just gotten into a fight at school, it can also be used into escape awkward situations you’re expected to attend, i.e. an unnecessary work meeting or awkward social occasion.

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