What is the Future of Data Centres in the State Of Gujarat?

The Indian data center outsourcing industry is currently over USD 2 billion and is expected to expand at a 25% CAGR reaching USD 5 billion by FY 2023-24. Certainly so, data centers are also gaining traction as an emerging real estate asset category with enormous potential, and top real estate companies, just like leading businesses, are seizing the chance to earn higher returns on their early investments.

Colocation services are in great demand in industries including BFSI, logistics, transport, e-commerce, and government organizations. Moreover, it has been observed that global corporations who want to create a physical presence in the Indian market are establishing colocation facilities in the country. 

As a result, rising investment from global colocation service providers is expected to have an impact on the Indian data center market over the projected period. In this article, we will specifically talk about data centers in Gujarat state fulfilling the requirements of businesses. 

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Gujarat as A Centre for Financial Services Industry in India

Gujarat-based GIFT City, located near Ahmedabad, is included as a key developing international financial service center (IFSCs) in the newest edition of the ‘Global Financial Centres Index 24 (GFCI)’. GIFT is placed third in the GFCI statement reports, highlighting a list of 15 centers that are anticipated to grow in significance over the coming years. 

In addition, GIFT has earned admission in the GFCI’s main index, ranking 77 out of 100 global financial centers. The ranking takes five key criteria into account: the business climate, human capital, reputation, infrastructure, as well as the development of the financial sector.

GIFT City is a Gujarat government initiative in collaboration with IL&FS that aims to become India’s first global financial center. GIFT is India’s first multi-service SEZ with IFSC status, and it is intended to serve the country’s enormous financial services industry by providing world-class infrastructure and amenities to global businesses.

Data Centres Supporting the Digital Ecosystem for BFSI Clients

The Indian financial services industry, which is expected to develop at a CAGR of 12-15 percent over the next five years, is amongst the most significant demand driver of India’s growing digital ecosystem. 

Moreover, as new entrants aim to offer improved costs with cloud-based services, technological advancements and advanced infrastructure are set to play an essential role in new banking licenses (payment banks and full-service commercial banks).

So, it’s no doubt that data centers in Gujarat State are the true technological backbone fuelling the digital ecosystem for BFSI organizations and are undeniably a key growth accelerator capable of enabling new business models. 

Keeping up with the increasing data storage requirements of businesses, as well as enterprises, the future data centres will be like those of present ones, but they will be tailored to fulfill the new and emerging use cases in the digital ecosystem. 

When the technical trends and macro dynamics of the digital ecosystem become more competitive, data centres will transform to keep up with the ever-changing demands, and are like to adapt to the following parameters:

Building Management System (BMS)

Like the rest of the world, future data centers in Gujarat will rely heavily on sophisticated Building Management Systems (BMS) to automate processes such as energy, water, and much other operational management.

BMS solutions would be set up to provide continuous monitoring of critical DC parameters ensuring no downtime. Additionally, BMS may also be used in data centers to set up and optimize process efficacy.

Recycling Practices

The data centre industry is committed to environmental sustainability. In Data Centres, upgrading to newer and better equipment is a continuous process; therefore, appropriately recycling obsolete hardware is a critical step towards sustainability. In addition, the transition to measures for energy efficiency, water usage, and carbon emissions are also some of the top industry standards. 

So, it’s safe to say that the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) will be implemented on a far more massive scale.

Faster Real-Time Data Processing

Rapid digitalization involves bringing together next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, software-defined storage, machine learning, big data, as well as augmented reality. 

According to IDC, by 2025, over 30% of the world’s data will require real-time processing. Despite the fast growth of the digital economy, one thing is certain – Data Centers will continue to be a vital facilitator in driving corporate and technical innovation, while being equipped with hyper scalable capabilities, and having sustainability at the heart of operations.

STT GDC India, one of India’s leading data centre services, operates a state-of-the-art data centre facility in Gujarat, located in Ahmedabad’s GIFT City. As a market leader in the Indian DC industry, STT GDC India has been a part of GIFT City since its inception. Although digital transformation is an ever-evolving endeavor, the company intends to double its capacity every 3-4 years to accommodate the market’s rising demands, assuring operational excellence and the state and country’s overall digital growth.

STT Ahmedabad DC 1 provides advanced IT capabilities to its clients, enables carrier neutrality, and is supported with redundant paths running directly to the business infrastructure of their clients. It also facilitates a scaling capability of up to 3 MW IT Load capacity and beyond, if required, to deliver operations for the cloud, applications, and IT demands of both BFSI and Enterprise customers. 

In addition, they are known for providing the industry’s highest uptime, ensuring reliability to businesses. If you’d like to more about their Gujarat state data centre, you can explore their website or contact them for further details!

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