A Guide on Portfolio Diversification

These days, people are getting aware of investing their money instead of saving it in their bank accounts. This is because of the increasing trend and also because of the huge returns. But while investing, it is important to smartly invest in the right area keeping all the factors in mind like time horizon, risk, returns, risk tolerance, etc. It is never considered good to invest all in one security as this increases the chances of loss. Whereas if you invest in different securities, it will help in creating a balance between risk and return. The risk faced in one investment will be covered by the returns in another investment.

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So, this is called portfolio diversification in which you invest your money in different asset classes and securities to minimize the overall risk. Know that the main purpose of portfolio diversification is to invest in other securities to minimize your risk. With portfolio diversification, your risk will be cut accordingly. Before investing, the investor needs to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of portfolio diversification i.e. investments in different securities. It is important to do it with the help of financial professionals, if possible. Also, while investing, the investor needs to have the capability to realize when to get out from the investment. One should keep building their portfolio by getting involved in the different asset classes.

Following are some of the advantages of portfolio diversification:

  • Reduces the impact of the market volatility- Know that the right mix of investments will help in cutting down the risk. As the investments will be made in different asset sectors, the effect of market volatility will come down. Different asset areas like equities, real estate, etc have different risk levels, which will reduce the risks and help in generating high returns.
  • Stability- It will help in yielding stable returns as it is pretty obvious that all the investments will not perform badly at a single time. If one is performing badly, the other might be stable or giving back good results. So here, portfolio diversification will help in keeping the returns stable.
  • Adjusted risks and returns- The returns and losses will adjust themselves in portfolio investment which will not make you feel that you have faced losses. So for a better-balanced risk-return, it is always advisable to invest in portfolio diversification.
  • Keeps capital safe- No one is that courageous to invest their everything in a single thing. Every investment has some kind of risk linked with it. But when you will go with portfolio investment, you will be able to allocate your money properly, which will help in keeping your money safe. Diversification will help in ensuring the protection of your funds invested.
  • Long-term investment plans- If the market volatility has a positive impact on stocks, the investor will be able to generate higher returns on it. And same with debt, the investor will be able to make the best from the mutual funds.
  • Offers peace of mind- When the investment will be divided among different asset classes, the investor will be relieved from the stress of loss. Investors will be able to totally rely on their investment without worrying about the risks.

So above are some of the benefits of portfolio diversification. But with some benefits, there are always some limitations linked to it. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Go overboard – Sometimes, keeping in mind the portfolio diversification, investors really goes into investments and ends up investing in too many securities. This way the investors make everything jumbled, which leads to confusion.
  • Tax structure – Investing in more than two securities will obviously lead to tax complications. Also, buying and selling of the investments will cause tax complications. This will be difficult to manage, so one needs to be aware of the tax structure while making investments in the different asset classes.
  • Uncertainties- Investments are usually uncertain, especially the long-term ones. Investing in unknown assets will result in losing capital, which will bring the returns down. This will create an imbalance in the whole portfolio diversification.
  • Complications- Handling all the investments like real-estate, stock, cash, and cash equivalents, equities, debt, etc, makes it a bit complicated. One should understand the structure and the working pattern of these securities.

So above are some of the disadvantages of portfolio diversification. Make sure to go through the advantages and disadvantages of portfolio diversification. If you are looking for some investments to make, you can contact ‘Wealth Basket’. They will make the investment in stocks and other securities easy. You can easily login into their website portal and avail their services. They have plenty of brokers to select from, which allows you to select in which you are interested. It is ideal for both, short-term and long-term portfolios.

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