Host IT Smart VPS Hosting Review

Choosing a hosting plan is difficult. There are so many options. If your business is in the initial stage & you’ve just acquired new clients, a shared server will get the work done.

What will you do when your business expands, though? You will require better technology & increased resources. Well, someone might suggest a dedicated server, but is your business ready to make that investment? It might prove quite an expensive investment & premature at the same time. Now, what is the solution, you may ask.

The solution is a VPS (Virtual Private Server) – it will give you increased access to resources, flexibility, freedom to install the operating system & software of your choice, etc.

Even if your requirements are limited, you still deserve privacy, security & flexibility. Even with VPS hosting, there are many plans & you need to choose the best one for your organization.

In this blog, we shall discuss what Host IT Smart’s hosting services offer & what they can do for your business.

About Host IT Smart

Host IT Smart came into existence in the year 2006. Back then, the concept of going online was still a recent phenomenon. Slowly, businesses realized the importance of hosting & so did Host IT Smart. Currently, Host IT Smart has 5000+ clients. It has managed to create a name for itself in the hosting world.

An Overview of VPS Hosting

With Host IT Smart’s VPS hosting service, you get an affordable hosting option with greater flexibility, performance & scalability. You have the power to run your operating system, plus you can also reboot your server independently. It also gives you the flexibility to customize your resources as per your requirements.

So what does Host IT Smart’s VPS package include, and how is it priced?

Host IT Smart has 3 best VPS hosting plans – Starter, Performance & a Business plan priced at Rs 300, Rs 450 & Rs 950 (monthly plan). When it comes to pricing, not many can match Host IT Smart. The quality of service is the icing on the cake.

Key Features of Host IT Smart’s VPS Hosting

Host IT Smart’s VPS hosting promises affordability and allows you to experience better performance & more customization.

Top Benefits of Host IT Smart’s VPS Hosting Services include:

  • Reliability – Host IT Smart’s VPS hosting servers don’t share resources with other websites like shared hosting servers. Increased loads on other websites won’t have any negative impact on your business. Dedicated resources are optimized for efficiency & guaranteed to deliver optimal performance for your website.
  • Dedicated resources – With Host IT Smart’s VPS hosting servers, you can enjoy significant allocation of resources like RAM, storage space, bandwidth, etc. It will enable you to run more apps & manage increased traffic. A minimum percentage of resources will be allotted to you & nobody else can access or use it.
  • Better performance – More allocation of resources means better results. You can do only so much with experience & trained professionals. Host IT Smart’s increased resources allow you to serve your clients better. In the long run, this will improve the user-experience & SEO rankings.
  • Software installation – Host IT Smart’s VPS servers allow you to install your chosen operating system. Apart from this, you also get the freedom to install the necessary software without restrictions. You can’t expect such flexibility with most shared or free hosting providers, as some software might be heavy or cause conflict with other applications.
  • Root access – Host IT Smart’s VPS hosting services provides root access, which will prove beneficial for your organization. It would allow you to run scripts that suit your requirements. The root access will also allow you greater freedom to configure your server & install new software. You won’t require any authorization or help for the same.
  • Server management – Managing a server requires time, expertise & experience. It can be a headache for many organizations that have more important commitments. With Host IT Smart’s VPS hosting servers, you don’t have to worry about this because they also offer managed hosting services.
  • 24/7 Technical support – As a business, your prime focus should be on expanding business & ensuring smooth operations. Dealing with technical problems shouldn’t even appear in your task list. Host IT Smart possesses a team of dedicated technicians to deal with these problems & they promise to provide support 24/7. They will also ensure online security & smooth functioning of applications.
  • Server Monitoring – In an online environment, there is always the risk of viruses, trojans & hacking attempts. With Host IT Smart’s VPS hosting servers, your server is monitored 24/7 & scanned for potential threats. Hence, ensuring the elimination of hazards and security.
  • Multiple domain hosting – With Host IT Smart’s VPS hosting services, you can run various websites on a single server without losing performance or compromising security.
  • Scalability – As time passes, your needs will change. With increased traffic & the number of clients to serve, you will require extra resources. With Host IT Smart’s VPS hosting solutions, you can upgrade your plan seamlessly.
  • Data centers – Host IT Smart has 2 data centers, one in India and the other in the United States of America. The choice of data centers ensures the safety of data & compliance of local regulations. You will also enjoy better transmission speed & lower transaction costs because of distributed data centers.


Although there are just two data center locations, Host IT Smart offers exceptional quality. A few hosting providers in India might offer more add-ons, more resources like RAM, bandwidth, storage space, but Host IT Smart takes the prize because of its affordable pricing & excellent customer service. It’s a thumbs up for Host IT Smart if you are looking for a reliable hosting provider.

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