How Long Do Short People Live? Learn How an Age Old Question Became a Trend on TikTok! 

For centuries, there has been an ongoing debate between a short and a tall person over height and its relation with living longer. 

In regard to this, people have seen asking the internet to find out how long short people live for! After all, the Internet has given us all the information we could ever need at our fingertips.

But, have you ever thought that this question will one day become a part of the weird TikTok trend that is making (quite) a splash on the internet right now.

So, why are people suddenly so curious about the lifespan of shorter people? Let’s explain it.

You know on TikTok, all the weird trends are popping up every day and the latest trend to go viral on TikTok involves people searching the question “How long do short people live?” It sounds silly, but following a trend is the best way to promote your TikTok account.

So, if you are here to know what this “How Long Do Short People Live” TikTok trend is all about then, here it is!

About “How Long Do Short People Live” Trend

The trend is basically a screen recording of two people. It all started when a TikToker accidentally Googled this “How Long Do Short People Live” burning question and thought of sharing the answer among all his short friends with messages like, “I will always miss you.”

To be specific, people are getting varied answers like short people live only 12 to 15 or 10 to 13 years when they search for “How long do short people live” on Google.  Some are editing Google’s results to add their own answer instead.

However, even though it’s not really true, it’s still entertaining internet users, and they’re actively following this viral trend by typing this sensational question “how long do short people live” on Google and then making a video of the answer. Not only that, to add insult to injury, the video is set to Never Forget You by Zara Larsson and MNEK before being sent to their short friends.

Now that we have made you aware of this latest TikTok trend, let us explain how it became a meme and trend on TikTok—

Origin: “How Long Do Short People Live” Became A TikTok Trend?

This meme trend came a few days ago, and now it has spread all over social media.

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It’s part of a wider trend that began with the question “How long do idiots live” and soon has escalated into one of the biggest memes of March 2022.

How long do short people live TikTok trend

To be specific, “How long do Short People Live” which is also distinguishable as “How Long Do Emos Live, How Long Do Idiots Live, How Long Do Monkeys Live or How Long Do Rats Live” of phrasal template [How Long Do ___ Live] was originated as a trend on TikTok where users display Google search results about the lifespan of a short person.

The traces of this (similar) trend dated back to mid-2021 – when people got hooked with the joke while searching “how long do emos live” and then message this “I’ll never forget you” phrase to their emo friends.

Although the exact origin of the fake Google search is yet unknown, a possible precursor could be the lifespan of the Shiba Inu, a breed similar to the Doge. 

Regarding this, Instagram page [dark_iron_gains] posted a video (in March 2021) that showed a screenshot of the Shiba Inu lifespan, having the bodybuilder character in the frame looking depressed about it. To your surprise, this meme received roughly 78,000+ views and 15,674 likes over the course of one year.

Instagram page dark_iron_gains showed a screenshot of the Shiba Inu lifespan

Then, (in July 2021) TikToker [girlie_violet0] posted a video that included a fake screenshot of this Google search “How long do idiots live,” and the overlay text reading, “Who are you going to send this to?” It garnered around 13,200 plays and over 270 likes in eight months.

TikToker girlie_violet0 posted a video of this Google search How long do idiots live

So, these are the first known uses of this trend. However, it didn’t take off in a big way until early 2022, when other TikTokers hopped onto the trend, using the same screenshot but editing in a new word and sending the same message to their friends.

Few Examples to Look at—

  • On 1st March 2022: This [xmaking.snap.groups] TikTok account posted a video using the same screenshot as well as the same “Never Forget You” song by Zara Larsson & MNEK. It received roughly 4.2 million views and 768,000+ likes in just 15 days.
  • On 6th March 2022: TikToker [hunqtu] also posted a video using a re-edited screenshot, in which he changed the Google search to, “How long do emos live,” with the answer, “10-13 years.” He then sent it as a Snapchat message to a girl, saying “I will never forget you.” This video received around 3.5 million views and 423,500+ likes in a period of 10 days.
  • On 8th March 2022: TikToker [unfound..naila] posted a similar version using the same song but unlike others, with the life expectancy of monkeys. It earned roughly 8,000 views in 30 days.
  • On 11th March 2022: TikToker [playa_man] posted the same video but edited it with word midgets. This video gained roughly 114,900 views and 15,500+ likes in only 6 days.

How “I Will Never Forget You” Trend Entered the Scene?

Forthwith the short people life span trend, people came up with lots of variants of the same. The most popular of them became the “I will never forget you” trend.

To follow this trend, you have to send a message saying, “I’ll never forget you,” and they will respond with “what happened.”

Now that you know what this trend is all about, tell us–“Are you a person of short stature?” If so then, before you start to panic that your days are numbered, know what the researchers take on it!

Research on “How Long Do Short People Live?” Here’s What You Need to Know!

While on the one hand the short person believes that being short is better than being tall, on the other hand the tall person does not agree with this and the two continue to be at each other’s throats.

So, what do you think, is there a possible link between height and longevity? Well, over the past 100 years, studies have provided mixed results on the mortality and health of tall and short people.

To be precise, researchers have reviewed more than 130 studies and gathered information not only about the height of nearly 1.1 million people but also the causes of their deaths.

Studying the trends, the researchers found links between people’s heights and their likelihood of dying in a variety of ways.

However, contrary to the trend, it turned out to be the opposite because a study of men who served in the Italian army showed that – those shorter than 5’2”  i.e., 157.48 cm, they lived longer than those over 157.48 cm.

Researchers have also found that at age 70, shorter men were almost 2 years more likely to live than tall men.

In addition, there’s a 2017 study that analyzed the height and lifespan of 3,901 living and deceased basketball players who played from 1946 to 2010. It was found that larger body size reduced longevity, as the tallest players died younger than the shortest plays.

Do Short People Actually Live Longer?

To support that short people actually live longer, there are many theories and explanations. For example;

  • One is “calorie restriction, or eating less.” This is a possible factor that favors longer lives for shorter people because with their larger bones and larger internal organs, taller people require a higher daily caloric intake for optimal functioning.
  • Another theory is that shorter bodies have fewer cells while taller people may have trillions more cells than shorter ones, allowing for greater exposure and effects to cells from carcinogens.
  • A third possible theory is that more cells mean more cell replication, and as people age, cells may eventually stop repairing tissue thus, chances of organ damage are higher in taller people.

But, it would not be wrong to say that these studies are compelling, they are not conclusive and more research is needed to support why younger people live longer.

In other words, height cannot be the only factor that affects longevity. Therefore, the best thing you can do to increase your lifespan is to choose a positive lifestyle instead of assuming that it depends on your height.

Tall people are not always destined to live short, and short people are not guaranteed to live long because how long a person lives depends on their lifestyle choices! 

So, in order to live a long and healthy life, you may want to consider avoiding drugs, reducing alcohol consumption, getting more exercise, eating healthier, reducing stress, and living in a less polluted area.

**These are just some of the ways to stay healthy and potentially increase longevity**

Bottom Line

Being short is no joke, but when TikTok gives you a trend, you can do nothing but hop on it. Anyway, now that you know what this trend is all about, don’t take it seriously; rather just share this article with friends so that others can know too. And, you… what are you waiting for? Go… and join the trend with your short friends!


Ans: If you wonder how long a tall person lives, know that estimates range between 12 and 15 years, and there are some websites that compare the life expectancy of short people to the life expectancy of tall people.

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  • A strong (personal) brand
  • Seamless transitions

Ans: Among the many popular TikTok trends, the latest one is “How long do short people live?” To follow this trend, ask this question to Google and when you get the answer “short people only live for 10-13 years on average,” you have to take a screenshot of it and send this to your short friends with a message saying “I will never forget you.”

Ans: On TikTok, if a photo or video is considered viral, it means that it has been viewed and shared by many people across the world.

Ans: To know about all the latest trends on TikTok, you can explore the ‘Discover tab’ of TikTok.

Ans: It is estimated that most TikTok trends run in a 90-day cycle with a maximum lifespan of 6 months.

Ans: There are countless hashtags for short people on TikTok like #shortpeopleproblems, “#short people check, and #short relationship challenges.”

Ans: Here are some of the hilarious short people viral TikTok trend videos.

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