Snaptube: The Best Facebook Status Downloader You Can Try

Most social media platforms now have a feature to create statuses. These are what make it possible for people to convey their moods, situation, and thoughts in a medium of a short video that can disappear in 24 hours. Sometimes, they can be too interesting, and because of that, people are looking for apps to download status videos.

Similar to Instagram, Facebook users can also upload their status on the platform. The UI is basically the same; you’ll know it after looking at it at first glance. If you found a status that’s unique and downloadable for you, then it’s time to use Facebook status video downloader.

What is this downloader? Similar to videos or music downloaders, status downloaders function to be a saver for status videos uploaded on Facebook. 

When Do We Need a FB Status Downloader

The best moment when you need a Facebook status download app the most is when you notice a status that’s worth saving. Sometimes, all we do is just stroll around our friend’s statues. People usually create them to tell the world about their day. Whether it’s morning, day, or night, any unique moments of their lives will be shared with Stories (or status).

Statuses can also be used as mediums to tell their feelings or opinions. What’s great about these is that they can be automatically deleted in 24 hours, so there’s no digital trace that can be used against them in the future.

Since people can create statuses that are entertaining to others, surely people want to save them by using the Facebook status downloader apk. Amongst the other downloaders, Snaptube stands to be the best one.


How to Download FB Status with Snaptube App

You can always do Facebook status video download by link using the Snaptube app. This tool is practical and easy to learn since the UI is pretty informative. What you need to prepare is a link to the particular status or story you want to download. Go to Facebook, and click on the circles right on the top part of the page.

This is the spot where the statuses will appear. If your friends create some statuses, they will be inside the clickable circles. After you open one of them, click Share and copy the link.

fb status

And then, navigate to the Snaptube app and paste the link there. This Facebook status video download will also offer some format options along with the resolutions for video downloading. 

Now, all you need to do is to confirm the video quality & size, then the status video will be saved on your phone. 


And that’s how you can download Facebook statuses. Pretty simple, isn’t it? By having a proper tool like Snaptube, everything can be made as simple as possible. You’ll get high-quality results without worrying about paying for anything.

Why Choose Snaptube Facebook Status Downloader

As mentioned above, some people find it easy to download media using Snaptube. One of the main reasons is it’s accessible even for beginners who want to do this for the first time. Snaptube is available in .apk format and can be obtained through the official website.  

Upon installing Snaptube, you’ll know that this app is beginner-friendly since the UI is actually simple enough to understand.

With the easy operation, users can freely enjoy the downloaded videos and music in different resolutions. You can also download the video as MP4 or MP3. And yes, with it, you can also have the audio version of any particular video you like.

There are also some other notable features worth mentioning. For example, there’s a Day and Night setting which allows users to enjoy the app in different situations. If it’s a bright day outside, the default theme will make it easier for users to see the content. On the contrary, they can change the Night mode to protect their eyes during the night.

No need to bother downloading each video manually with the bulk download feature. By accessing the link to the creator’s videos, you’ll have the ability to save all the videos there at once.

snaptube status

More FAQs

Is SnapTube App Safe?

This Facebook status video saver is definitely safe to use. There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to problems and issues. The developer will update the app frequently, so users will have a slim chance of getting into trouble. More than 30M people have downloaded the app.

Is It Legal?

Legally, Snaptube is okay to use. It doesn’t contain any harmful items, and the app won’t steal your data as well. The thing is, Snaptube should only be used to download videos for personal entertainment, and things like content stealing and plagiarizing are prohibited.

If you usually use this kind of technique to produce new content, now is the best time to stop. It’s highly risky, and you could potentially lose your whole account and probably the main source of income if you keep doing it.

If you’re planning to reuse someone’s footage, ask them about it in the first place. Get a sign of approval before you move on.

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