How mattress can have an impact on our health?

An old mattress can make you toss and turn throughout the night. Are you not getting sound sleep on your mattress? Is your mattress quite old? It’s better to change it before it can hurt your health. Just like bulbs and batteries, we don’t pay attention to buying a new mattress as far as it is doing its job. When batteries or bulbs stop working, you know that it’s time to change it, but what about a mattress? Don’t wait for the time when your double mattress will pop up a spring or break somehow. An old mattress can harm your health and can snatch your good night’s sleep.

The average life of a mattress

Your mattress can give you years of comfortable sleep, but still, it is recommended to change the mattress after every 8-10 years. Some companies offer a warranty of 10 years for a double mattress. At the same time, some brands offer a 20 years warranty. Make a note here that the warranty and life of the mattress are two different aspects. Below are some tips which you can follow to increase the life of your mattress.

  • Never allow kids to jump on the mattress.
  • After every two months, rotate your mattress. Rotation of a single bed mattress should be end-to-end, and a double-sided mattress should be flipped over.
  • To avoid sagging, take help from bed frames with center support.

Still, after taking all the required care, your mattress will start to wear out after certain years. You must check the condition of the mattress after ten years and change it if needed.

Dead skin, dust mites, body oil. The bed absorbs everything.

We usually spend one-third of our life in bed. So, it’s not surprising to say that your bed absorbs dead skin and body oils. So, who loves all such stuff? Of course, dust mites! A used mattress can be a home to 10 million microscopic bugs, and the dust mites are also an addition to these bugs. Quite disgusting, isn’t it? Although these tiny bugs and mites are invisible to naked eyes, most of us are comfortable sleeping along with them. But if you suffer from allergies, such an old mattress can cause a problem for you. Allergies from mites lead to runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, sinus pressure, and coughing. Hence it is advisable to change your mattress after every 7-10 years.

The condition may become worse if you have asthma. You may experience difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, and trouble sleeping because of your mattress.

Worst back pain

With time, mattresses start sagging at the center. Instead of sleeping on a straight and comfortable mattress, you end up sleeping on a curved-shaped mattress. Does it sound unpleasant? 

Many experts believe that sleeping on an old mattress is an invitation for chronic back pain. This may result in tossing and turning to get a comfortable posture throughout the night or waking up with a stiff and sore feeling.

With time such pain can become more severe, and you may find it hard to sleep at night. Hence, instead of suffering from all such issues, it would be smart to  purchasing a mattress  before you face any severe issues in your back..

Pick the best mattress for you.

So, if you are already facing the troubles mentioned above, then it’s time to buy a new one. But from a wide array of options available in the market, it may not be very clear for you to decide which one will be the best match for you. But the best way to test the adjustable mattress is to lie down on the mattress at least for 10 minutes. Also, never forget to carry your pillow in the shop to create the right sleeping environment for you.

It’s time to say bye-bye to your old mattress.

Once you have picked the right mattress for you, free from dust mines, your back pain will surely reduce after some days. So, are you still thinking about a new mattress? Don’t be too late now. Start looking for a suitable mattress that can take care of your body and keep you healthy and fit. Decide your budget, compare the prices of different mattresses and get the one which makes you comfortable.

Have a happy mattress shopping!

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