Adjustable Mattress- All You Need To Know

Adjustable beds are a new and most innovative finding of sleep technology gaining popularity and are pretty affordable. This type of bed enables you to adjust the bed according to heights you are comfortable at and easily controlled. Often though prior associated with hospitals, today adjustable beds seamlessly blend with home décor and offer multiple benefits to healthy people.

Along with this modern trend, an adjustable mattress is a popular choice among people who like to elevate their sleep comfort. They come with a unique ability to get customized according to your needs, and there are also numerous additional benefits. According to research, sleeping on a medium-firm, self-adjustable mattress promotes sleep comfort and spinal alignment. They are also perfect for couples who have contrast sleeping styles.

If a saggy or old mattress causes backache, an adjustable one may help if you plan to replace them.

An overview into an adjustable mattress

The terminology may be confusing, as some prefer to call them air beds, while others choose to remain with the old nomenclature and refer to them as adjustable beds.

No matter what you call them, the primary feature is that they can be inflated and deflated as required with a specific remote. Based on your mattress, you can also adjust the sides according to your need. It’s no secret that mattresses come in numerous sizes, and this can be confusing as to how to decide what can be ideal for you. For couples who want more space to sleep with stretched arms, you may opt for a good quality king-size mattress or a queen. 

Remember that adjustable mattresses are different from adjustable bed bases, and they can be placed on both regular bases and adaptable ones.

Is an adjustable mattress worth an investment?

Compared to an ordinary mattress, the adjustable one will cost you more, but every extra penny will be worth an investment. To have complete control over how you keep your bed and position yourself accordingly is a significant advantage. With the scope to adjust your lumbar support, you can optimize your posture when lying on your bed.

Experts suggest the three factors based on which you can make an informed decision. 

  1. Mattress fit:  This helps in accurate alignment of your spine and pressure relief.
  2. The feel of comfort: This is a personal preference.
  3. Extra features: The unique traits make your mattress extraordinary.

If you find a mattress ticks all the above criteria during your purchase, you must go for it. Whereas, if a bed doesn’t fit you, gives a good feel, and doesn’t have unique features, you must not invest in it. 

Things to consider before buying a quality mattress

If you intend to buy a good bed for alleviating backache or just to recline comfortably, you must consider some factors that will help you buy right. According to mattress reviews, follow the below-listed points to buy a practical and top-class adaptable mattress. 

  1. Contours: A mattress that outlines the body usually helps better relieve the pressure points and offers better support and alignment for your spinal cord.
  2. Price: A cheap mattress may be alluring, but a good quality expensive one will be the best investment. Make durability a priority that will prevent sagging and offer a long-lasting assurance.
  3. Quality: When you buy a mattress, never compromise on the quality. Go for beds made of advanced technology for added benefits such as bouncy feel and temperature regulation. 
  4. Firmness: This preference varies from person to person, and you can choose the firmness that fits your comfort level. A study found that a more significant rebound mattress improves the quality of sleep. 
  5. Width:  The thickness of a mattress may change the contouring and cushioning that it provides. A thicker topper is good for better contouring and pressure relief.
  6. Sleep position: Your sleep position is an essential determiner of what type of mattress you should buy. Back and front sleepers may need more firmness to avoid sinking, while the side sleepers will require more cushioning for shoulders and hips.

As we know, lower back ache can interfere with a night of good sleep and cause discomfort, and even on purchasing a quality mattress, you don’t get relief; you should consult a physician.

Benefits of the adjustable mattress

The best thing about an adjustable mattress is that it can be inflated and deflated according to preferences. They come with in-built air chambers which enable sleep optimization. Some brands allow couples to adjust the sides independently and according to each of their choice.

A 2015 research shows that people sleeping on a medium-firm adjustable mattress are likely to get good sleep at night. The pros of changing the mattress firmness may offer the proper support you need and also alleviates back pain.

You have a dual choice to place your mattress on a regular bed or an adjustable bed. DreamCloud’s mattress and a flexible frame can transform the look of your bedroom.

The ability to change the position and tilt of the neck, head, and back may help may not just help in back pain but also alleviate other conditions like snoring, chronic cough, or acid reflux. Oftentimes, adjustable hospital beds also come with additional features to cater to seniors or people with past injuries.

Winding Up

Adjustable mattresses can offer comfort and reduce back pain. Some of them provide a chance to customize the angles, adjustments, and firmness, and some come with more features like temperature regulation. 

A mattress best suits an individual’s personality and must be selected based on the criteria mentioned above. The way you align your back, head, and neck as you sleep and the space you get to toss and turn with ease together determines how good a purchase you made.

Couples who like to stretch and sleep or a person who loves to sleep with royalty, a queen or a king-sized bed is precisely what you must go for.

Even if a good choice of bed or mattress doesn’t improve your sleep condition or remove back pain, you must see a doctor for other suggestions.

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