How to Combat Document Frauds with AI-enabled Document Authentication

All organizations are worried about the accumulation of a number of scammers and are frightened for the safety of the personal data of their clients. What if only this is a reason that the systems are awakened and looking for better ways for the authentication of the customers but do not know where to start it. For that, a document verification solution is introduced for the identification of fraudulent individuals, which accommodates the systems proficiently and helps them secure the credentials of legitimate customers. It is estimated that 80 percent of the businesses will be using document attestation from SaaS providers by the year 2022. Currently, the ratio has almost reached 30 percent, for the verification purpose of the customers while onboarding them on a particular platform. 

What is Identity Document Verification?

If an institute wants to protect its surroundings from fake entities, identity document verification should be practiced keenly. This is a process of attestation of fake documents of a person and concluding that whether this person is a danger or not for our institute. Furthermore, in-person interaction for verification is one of the oldest means of verification. For example, a bank teller may check the driver’s license, and a photo in it to make sure that the person standing in front of him is not using the identity of another person. But now, all document frauds can be detected online by staying at home with the convenience of an individual, and only what an individual need is a license, passport, or any other government-approved document through the camera phone and a selfie. Moreover, this is a purpose-built software that cross-checks the documents a person is submitting with the identity evidence on the submitted documents. Thus, this software for verification documents includes personal information like the name of a person, his age, and address in real-time.

Types of Documents That Are Needed for Identity Verification

Some specific legal documents are officially used for the verification of the client’s identity along with a selfie that should be captured. Such documents are given below;

  • Passports 
  • Driving license
  • Government-approved ID card

What are Documents Frauds? 

Scammers put their whole effort into the formation of false documents and use them for their own benefits and illicit aims. This helps them in identity theft and maligning the reputation of an authoritative organization. Those false documents are such as; 

  • Illegitimate documents
  • False documents 
  • Modified documents

Illegitimate Documents; 

Documents that are totally fake and do not have any characteristics of real documents like holograms, rainbow patterns and are not following any other standards that an authentic document does.   

False Documents

The documents that are physically stolen and are not forged and altered are called false documents, which helps an entity bypass document checks.   

Modified Documents 

Documents that are modified, altered, cropped, tampered with, and edited by the fraudsters are the modified documents. Which supports the scammers in availing their illicit aims and destroying the standards of authentic businesses. However, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are strengthening all regulations of identity verification for the detection of edited and tampered documents by verifying the fonts and changes in the pixels.   

Use of AI and Machine Learning for Customer Identification 

AI-enabled document attestation is one of the worthwhile steps of identification of fraud documents, which help out all systems to determine fake and real documents for the safety of the personal assets and data of their clients. The checks that are essential for verification reasons are such as;

  • Format verification
  • Checking the authenticity of the document 
  • Attesting the crumpled and folded edge of a document
  • Observing the authentic MRZ code 
  • Detecting the forged and photoshopped documents 
  • Micro prints are being checked 
  • Rainbow prints and holograms are also observed 
  • Verification of specific ink and paper which is used by governments are also authenticated

Worth of Document verification Services While Onboarding

There are multiple advantages of the verification of documents in all businesses, as it helps out all organizations in checking the documents frauds which have been done in the past or happening in the current time. The benefits of it are reaching high and supporting the systems in maintaining their reputation worldwide. It provides accurate authentic results in real-time and reduces the risk of fake entities entering their systems while onboarding the clients.


Concluding the above, it is assumed that every system faces inconveniences like document fraud, which directly affect the productivity of an institution and drag them down in ranking when they face identity theft. For this, the document verification process is practiced which supports businesses in maintaining the security measures of the personal credentials of their clients.     

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