How to use Snapchat on PC without BlueStacks

Snapchat is a free to use social media application that has been widely used on Android Emulators and Android phones. There are numerous reasons you would want to use an application like Snapchat on either platform. However, understanding how the application functions, in general, is extremely pivotal before you decide the best platform and Emulator to use Snapchat with.

Snapchat is a unique social media application, unlike any other. It lets you put up stories, posts, and videos on your story feed, which disappear after a few hours. Surprisingly, you cannot take screenshots of these posts or videos as the user who posted them instantly gets a notification about it and gets alerted. Most of the time, this leads to you getting blocked from the user’s feed.

Moreover, you can use features such as DMs where you can privately message anyone on the social media application and communicate with them. All of these messages are temporarily, and unless, and until you save them. They go away as soon as you move away from the screen. You can also send snaps to anyone on DM. It also vanishes without a trace as soon as you open them.

From the features mentioned above, Snapchat emphasizes using anonymity as much as possible. They also encourage a bit of fun here and there as they also have the filter functionality. You can completely change the look of your face and beautify yourself using these features with ease. They also include resource-intensive AR filters that place virtual objects near you, which look extremely realistic in some cases. 

Snapchat is currently being used on Android Emulators for a variety of reasons. Usually, emulators run the application better and give users access to download the modded version of Snapchat alongside taking screenshots without notification alerts. One such commonly used Android Emulator for using Snapchat is BlueStacks. However, we will be talking about how there are better alternatives that are better than BlueStacks.

Why Choose LDPlayer as an Alternative?

LDPlayer is a free emulator that runs on the latest compatible Android version that is famous for running on a machine with any specifications. It supports both low-end and high-end devices and runs any application at up to 240 FPS. While applications like Snapchat do not require high FPS, you can still take a lot of advantages from the high performance. It’s definitely a good choice to use Snapchat on PC with LDPlayer.

LDPlayer Features:

  • LDPlayer has a Multi-Instance feature that lets you use more than one Snapchat account at the same time. Moreover, it saves you from the hassle of logging in and logging out of accounts regularly and lets you use more accounts consequently. You can also register more accounts on LDPlayer using the same feature.
  • LDPlayer has a built-in screenshot and video recording feature that evades Snapchat’s privacy notifications. So, you can record videos and take a screenshot without worrying about your friends’ or any other user getting any sort of notification on their phone.
  • As mentioned earlier, LDPlayers works on any kind of device. However, its biggest advantage is its built-in boost feature, making sure applications like Snapchat work extremely smoothly while consuming minimal system resources. This boost will let you use even the most performance-hungry filters, and AR features with no issues whatsoever.
  • LDPlayer can run on any sort of screen resolution. So, you can view stories and other videos on Snapchat on your larger PC Monitor at a much higher resolution than your Android touch screen.

Why choose LDPlayer over BlueStacks?

Both Emulators are known for their performance and are extremely popular options for running Snapchat on your PC. BlueStacks offers high performance for performance-oriented specifications and works very well on high-end PCs. However, a very critical advantage LDPlayer has over BlueStakcs is its ability to run on any hardware configuration with no issues whatsoever. 

Next, LDPlayer has access to three stores, and due to its boost feature, it can run applications like Snapchat with less system resource consumption. Moreover, due to its minimal and simplistic UI, unlike BlueStakcs, which goes for a more detailed setup, you can expect some differences in performance in those regards.


Overall, both emulators are great for running Snapchat. However. LDPlayer does beat BlueStacks in some features and is a wonderful alternative to running Snapchat on the PC without using BlueStacks.

Snapchat should be running with no performance issues whatsoever on LDPlayer. You can use the features mentioned above, such as multi-instances and screen-recording, to make the most of your social media experience. You can also download and install games such as COD: Mobile and PUBG PC and play them at up to 240 FPS while also using Macros and Game Boost features to give yourself a very real competitive edge.

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