10 Invisalign Hacks that Will Blow Your Mind

There have been immense improvements in the technology of teeth realignment, from the heavy metal braces that were uncomfortable to Invisalign that is lightweight and trendy. The new aligners provide a cooler way of having your teeth adjusted by removing the stigma that braces used to give, especially for older people trying to get their teeth aligned. While the cost of these aligners may vary depending on the manufacturer, they are meant for everyone.

Whether you are trying aligners for the first time or just giving Invisalign a try, it is important to ensure you understand certain hacks to help you successfully get through this period. This article is prepared by an Invisalign provider in Lafayette who will provide us with the ten Invisalign hacks that will blow your mind.

Keep Your Invisalign Case at Hand

You should ensure that you keep your Invisalign protected in a case that prevents external contamination. The case can keep your Invisalign from getting dirty or from destruction from factors outside the patient’s control. You will be able to store your Invisalign safer and keep them functioning for longer each time.

Switch to a New One Before You Sleep

Get yourself a new aligner when you are sleeping and store away the one you previously had during the day. This is important to keep your teeth aligned while you are sleeping, and they also prevent your teeth from moving while you are sleeping and provide a steadier way to keep them before using them the following day.

Soak Them While Not in Use

You should always soak your aligners in a denture solution each time you have a meal, and this will help ease cleaning while also killing the bacteria when you get your aligners back after your meal.

Avoid Sweets and Sugary Foods

Avoid having sweets and other sugary foods like cakes when you have your aligners on. This will help reduce the chances of getting bacteria close to your mouth and keep your teeth safe from cavities and gum diseases. Sugar provides a breeding ground for bacteria to penetrate your dental structure.

Keep Good Nail Filer

Your aligners will regularly get sharp and dangerous for your teeth and tongue. Having a good nail filer is the best way to ensure you can tweak how much they can bite. This file can be used to soften the edges of your aligners to make them safe for your mouth without having to visit your dentist.

Chewing Gum is Helpful

Chewing through your unsweetened chewing gums can be the best way to exercise your aligners without getting them dirty. You could chew through a couple of these gums without risking affecting your aligners.  

Don’t Forget to Smile

Invisalign is meant to help show your smile to the world. As a rule of thumb, always remember to smile whenever you can remember to enjoy the benefits of these aligners. Ensure you are having your best time of life wearing these aligners, as this allows you to enjoy having this product for your teeth. Keep them exposed and be ready for the stares that come along as well.

Don’t Throw Away Your Old Aligners

You should switch to a new aligner each night; however, it is important to keep all your old aligners together for future use. Reuse these aligners to get their full service before getting rid of them after some time. The Invisalign case you hold in handy will provide you with the best way to store your aligners before and after use.

Avoid Colored Lollies and Drinks

You should steer away from colored lollies and drinks that could affect your aligners. Keep yourself from consuming sweets and drinks with too much artificial color and sugar as they mainly affect your aligners leading to bad odor long term. Only consume food that is non-sticky and does not have artificial food colors.

Emergency Dental Travel Kit

Keeping a dental travel kit with you at all times is the best way to keep your aligners safe and clean. Although you do not have to brush your teeth after every meal, it is important to thoroughly wash your mouth to remove any food particles before putting your aligners back on. An emergency dental travel kit can be with you in your car or even on a plane if you’re planning to travel away from home.

While most of these hacks can be considered a no-brainer, it is necessary to observe them if you are looking to complete this journey. With most aligners capable of producing results in a few months, you will be smiling your way out of these routines once your teeth have been fully realigned.

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