Kahoot Hack Extensions: Know All About Them

Online education is a form of enhanced learning and since the Corona outbreak, it has been the sole source of knowledge for students around the globe. This is why there have been developments of so many platforms that assist you with the same. 

Kahoot is one such online education platform where anyone can create their own quizzes and share them with their connections as well. Most schools and other educational platforms have started using it to conduct quizzes. But if you are a student and looking for some Kahoot hack extension unblocked, you may find something of use here. 

Disclaimer: Before moving ahead, we must warn you that most such bots and extensions are hacks, which means that these are unethical. Hence, before starting with anything, it is important that you are aware of all the aspects related to such Kahoot answer extensions. 

Let’s dig in now! 

Why are Educational Platforms Using Kahoot?

Kahoot is a well-designed quizzing platform that lets teachers create captivating quizzes for their students which gives them a platform and means to engage in a better way. Not just that, but it provides a fun way of learning for students. 

Since most educational institutions are facing difficulty with 100% sitting of students, platforms like Kahoot are like lifesavers. The best part about this platform is that it can be used from any device; smartphone, desktop, laptop, etc. 

All students have to do is provide a PIN and they can get started with their tests and score better ranking. Its easy usability and simple user interface are one of the reasons that it has been adopted by users so much now. 

However, students these days are one step ahead. Most of them are looking for a Kahoot Auto answer hack extension to hack their teacher’s Kahoot accounts to score better on the tests. Let’s see how that works. 

How to Hack Kahoot?

Kahoot meme

Disclaimer- We must tell you that all the information you are reading on this blog is solely for the knowledgeable purpose and nothing more or less than that. We do not support or promote any sort of hacking methods or platforms based on hacking. 

Well, there are not just one but multiple ways to hack Kahoot but none of them is ethical and shall be practiced. But if you still wish to proceed, let’s have a look. 

Kahoot Chrome Extensions

You can add a Chrome extension to your system to hack Kahoot quizzes. There are several Kahoot Chrome extensions available on Google. Once you have added these extensions, there are numerous aspects that you can accomplish with them. Here are some of them:

1. Kahoot Flooder

Kahoot Flooder

This one is easily available on the Google extension library. This extension simply presents countless bots that give the game answers on their own. With these bots, you can send out multiple correct answers at once for the questions that are being asked in various quizzes. 

However, this creates a lot of trouble for the teachers who created the quiz and is conducting one. This is why using and adding such a Kahoot cheat extension isn’t advisable. 

2. Kahoot Auto Answer Hack

kahoot Hack

This one is unique. It analyzes the questions asked in Kahoot quizzes and submits the right answers to them every time. With this Kahoot hack auto answer bot 2022 you wouldn’t even have to worry about your scorecard as all the answers answered by this extension are reliable. 

You can simply install this extension from the Google Chrome extension page and add it to your system to answer your next quiz. 

3. Kahoot Keys

Another extension to help you give the right answers to your quiz is Kahoot keys. It uses simple ways to submit the right answers. Plus, even in case of any sort of hardware damage, this extension won’t be hampered in any way. 

With this extension, you can easily answer any question just by using the numeric keys of your keyboard and you wouldn’t even have to worry whether the answers are being answered correctly or not. 

4. Invisible Kahoot Names

This one has an exceptional feature of hiding your name while you are using Kahoot. With this, it won’t let anyone know about the answers that you are submitting. It even helps you and notifies you if you have marked an answer wrong. 

Get to Know the Answers

You don’t have to make everything so complicated and hard to comprehend, there might be easy and straightforward ways for the things you are stressing over.  

Let’s have a look:

  • Start with locating the potential and helpful packs and simply note down their correct answers. 
  • Use multiple accounts. You can sign in first with a side account and check if the answers you think are even the right answers or not. 
  • Just ask for a smart student and try learning from them. 

Websites and Scripts

Another way of getting the right answers on your Kahoot quizzes is via the Kahoot hack auto answer website. Just like Kahoot Auto answer hack extensions, there are many websites that might help you with the same. 

However, this still doesn’t change the fact these are all unethical means to score high on quizzes, one should strictly avoid any such practices. 

Let’s have a look now and find out. 

1. Kahoot Rocks

Using this website, you can stay anonymous as it won’t ask you to create a username nor it will ask you to keep checking your recorded progress. You can easily activate it when you don’t feel confident about your answers and it won’t even record your progress. Hence, you can check beforehand if you are providing the right answer or not. This will also help you to hide your current activity from being traced or tracked in any form. 

2. GoDoc.org 

Another extension/website that we have on our list is GoDoc.org. The website is not known just for hacking Kahoot and giving the right answers on it, but there are several other aspects as well. 

It has various commands that can be used to hack Kahoot and provide the right answers in its quizzes. Not just that, the site also has many GO packages where users can easily interact and engage with other Go programs. 

3. Mem-rip 

This website already has multiple hacks listed. One can opt for anyone whenever wanted or required. Users can simply pick one of them and then implement it in the way they want. In fact, it also enables users to opt for various amalgamations of numerous hacks as per their requirements.  

4. Kahoot Ninja

Kahoot Ninja

Another Kahoot hack auto answer website is Kahoot Ninja. The website allows users to download multiple scripts at a time which leads them to solve various quizzes altogether. 

One can even spam their quizzes with multiple correct answers automatically with zero human effort. 

5. Kahoot Winner

Another site that helps score well in Kahoot quizzes is Kahoot Winner. The site automatically rectifies or corrects the answers without your noticing the changes. All you have to do is tick the answers you think might be correct and leave the rest to Kahoot Winner. 

To begin with, you have to fill in some details on its platform, and just by filling it in, you can get started with submitting the right answers to your Kahoot quizzes. 

So this is how you, being a student, hack Kahoot and submit all the correct answers to our quizzes, but wait, what about the teachers? Are there any ways where a teacher can prevent their Kahoot account from being hacked? Of course, there is, let’s find out. 

How to Prevent Your Kahoot Account From Being Hacked?

There are some preventive measures that teachers with Kahoot accounts should undertake. Let’s see what are those:

  • For starters, they should use the latest version of Kahoot to conduct quizzes. 
  • Teachers should make sure that they never give hints as to what their questions are going to be about in the coming quiz. 
  • And most importantly, DO NOT share the PIN to a quiz before starting it. 

Well, that’s not all about the ways for teachers to prevent their Kahoot accounts from being hacked or attacked by any sort of Kahoot answer extension, there’s more. Let’s find out. 

Blocking Spammers From Hacking Kahoot

There might be chances that children do some things without knowing about their consequences. This is what gives rise to spamming, and not just Kahoot accounts but others as well. Hence, teachers should adopt some measures that prevent their Kahoot accounts from being attacked by spammers. Let’s see what are those-

  • Teachers should make sure that all of their students are using the latest version of their Kahoot account. 
  • Hacking the Kahoot app is almost impossible for kids, but there are high chances that they may get help from the internet and bypass the security protocols of the app. 
  • Teachers should also ensure that neither themselves nor the students should ever use another website that may resemble Kahoot. 

Plus, if the test is occurring in the school itself, teachers should block all the websites and other extensions related to the test beforehand. 

Final Take

These days, hacking websites like Kahoot is like a fun game for students, they actually enjoy being totally unaware of the consequences and the problems faced by their teachers. For Teachers, there are some measures they should undertake, and being a student, there are some aspects that they should strictly avoid.

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