Is Local SEO Better for Small Businesses?

SEO is a very widespread field that covers a lot of different tasks, and the nature of online marketing means that almost every agency can work with clients across the globe. However, for many smaller businesses, local SEO seems like the most obvious place to turn.

Unfortunately, it is easy for new business owners to completely overlook how important local SEO actually is. Some do not even realize that local SEO and regular SEO are different or that there is a reason for the two being considered different goals and processes.

Should Local SEO be a Priority?

In general, if you are part of a small business that serves a lot of local customers, then local SEO is absolutely a priority. Being able to appeal to people in your local area means a lot if you rely on them coming into your office or if you can only easily deliver certain products and services to local customers.

It is also important to remember that local SEO is specifically aimed at local areas. Many local businesses fall into the trap of doing general SEO to appeal to everybody they can, but that can backfire horribly when you realize that a lot of interested customers may be too far away to serve.

If you focus on SEO in your local area, you are aiming to start building up more traction with local audiences and markets. This is never a bad thing and should be considered even if your business can ship products anywhere in the world.

This is because many search engines still prioritize local businesses when possible, and many users will be searching specifically for local services or products. If you are ignoring your local SEO rankings, then you are sometimes less likely to appear when somebody is specifically looking for a local business in your niche.

How is Local SEO Different?

As the name suggests, local SEO is a form of regular search engine optimization that focuses on your local area. Ranking for terms related to your location can help you appear more frequently in searches by people looking for those products and services in that area, which is obviously a good thing.

At its core, local SEO is very similar to normal SEO, even down to the specific ways that you improve your SEO rankings. However, the local focus often puts you in competition with fewer companies, which can make it easier to push yourself higher in the rankings as a whole.

More importantly, focusing on local SEO allows a small business to find success before it has to branch out to a larger audience. Overextending can kill a lot of smaller businesses before they get off the ground, so establishing yourself through local SEO means that you have a local presence that can serve as your jumping-off point.The best way to secure effective local SEO is to rely on third-party SEO services from proven experts. Whether you’re looking for the best SEO Thunder Bay has to offer or just need some advice for a DIY SEO attempt, professional support can be the best way to avoid common SEO pitfalls and major mistakes.

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