Blurn USA’s New Range of Services Are All a Small Business Needs

With a team backed by over 13+ years of experience in the USA’s digital marketing industry, is committed to its wide range of clients Offering a new range of services and digital marketing trends. Blurn USA Services List is extensive, including:

  • SEO
  • Paid search (PPC/SEM)
  • Social media marketing
  • Web design
  • Programmatic RTB display marketing 
  • Video Marketing
  • Email and SMS marketing
  • Marketing automation & CRM
  • Remarketing
  • Creative design
  • App development 

Increasing their client’s profits by an average of 14 times in the first year, Blurn provides unprecedented growth and profitability for the businesses that use their services. BLURN, standing for ‘Best Leverage Your Ultimate Returns Now’ maintains a 100% client-first approach, offering competitive and affordable pricing, transparent and integrated communication, unmatched expertise, and proven results. 

Committed to providing maximized ROI, the team works with their clients to build bespoke campaigns with a high level of transparency and constant reporting from Blurn’s management team. With expertise in both B2C and B2B digital marketing, proven results for clients average 173% more digital leads, 256% more SEO leads, and 205% more CRM leads. 

Digital Marketing Consults USA 

With an ever-changing digital landscape and an accelerated approach to online marketing in the USA, it’s crucial that businesses work with digital marketing consultants who are both skilled and have tangible profit-oriented results to show. Seen through their extensive client feedback, Blurn caters to its clients’ needs, creating tailored campaigns that give best digital marketing strategies for b2b business

Working within the USA digital marketing space for over a decade, Blurn has a proven track record and a step-by-step approach, starting with their digital marketing consults. First consults with the Blurn team include 4 stages:

  • Discovery & research – giving you clear insights into your digital footprint while understanding your business needs, budget, and target audience. 
  • Planning & setup – creating a fully customized plan to ensure you reach your digital marketing goals while increasing profitability and maximizing the digital landscape.
  • Optimization & setup – implementing your bespoke campaign, ensuring the growth of audience, strong leads, and increased revenue.
  • Insights & results – using evaluation tools to analyze metrics, campaign performance, and results. 

Blurn USA’s marketing consultations will help you get high-quality leads, increase your brand share of voice, and maximize your reputation, all while saving you money and time.

With a strong reputation in the USA marketing game, Blurn’s success is a testament to their business approach that’s helped many clients over the past decade. Driven by a commitment to all clients’ financial well-being has led to Blurn’s overall success as a highly recommended USA digital marketing agency. Blurn’s strong portfolio of clients includes the likes of Fairfax Media, Vantage FX, and Revel Systems. 

Search Engine Optimization for USA Businesses 

Your business’ success can rely heavily on your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. USA’s digital marketing agency Blurn is confident in providing SEO services that get businesses up the ranks in web results. Attributed to the birth of search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, SEO has taken a strong hold over the digital marketing world. 

Blurn’s expert team works with you to improve your digital footprint, ensuring that when people search keywords related to the company, your business will rank high. High SEO rankings lead to more sales, more leads, and more profit. Blurn’s extensive knowledge of Google and its algorithm has allowed them to identify its three main processes, leading to their success with SEO campaigns. These are:

  • Crawling – Google deploys bots to scan the internet for content, including images, text, and videos.
  • Indexing – Google identifies what specific web data is about so it can be filed in its relevant place. 
  • Servicing & ranking – Google’s system provides results based on what feels most relevant to the search. 

Blurn’s highly skilled team uses this information to optimize the client’s web configuration, content relevance, and link popularity, making it easy to find when users search queries. 

With free consults, a team with a wealth of knowledge, and proven results for a variety of clients, PTY LTD new range of digital marketing services is providing USA small businesses with what they need. 

Taking all strain off businesses, Blurn leaves clients impressed with their digital expertise, unwavering customer commitment, and proven financial growth results. Whether you’re after a complete remarketing of your company’s web image, a new and SEO-optimized website, app development for a new idea, or something in between, get in touch with the Blurn team today. 

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