4 Proven Marketing Strategies for the Beauty Industry

Over the past few years, marketing techniques for the beauty & hair salon industries have evolved to a completely new level. Looking at this constant and fierce competition that the beauty industry has to face if you are looking to improve your brand awareness as well as establish trust you need to get ready with the standard marketing tactics. Without any doubt, the internet world provides different ways to promote beauty & hair stores and attract a high number of customers that can eventually get profit. Let us look at some proven marketing strategies that the beauty industry must try to apply:

1. Experiential marketing

Today consumers want the most engaging and dynamic experiences with the brands. Like with any trend out there, even beauty brands are fast to capitalize on experiential marketing. Making new touchpoints since they join retail & digital in the omnichannel approach. We are talking about pop-ups, events, SMS text services, or installations that are very social-media-worthy.

2. Get crowdsourcing for developing new products

Crowdsourcing has taken the beauty industry to a completely new level just by redefining in a way the beauty products get conceptualized, made and sold. Some of the innovative beauty challengers make use of their communities through social media for soliciting their consumers’ input & feedback. Just by empowering the consumers to get co-creators, beauty brands will foster emotional attachments & build customer loyalty, and giving the new brands edge over the legacy brands.

3. Know your market audience 

The beauty industry is in a period of transformation as many companies integrate customer feedback in their product design procedure. Suppose your company is not yet ready to run its community online, there are a lot of other ways of bringing customers in this fold. You may use the social media presence for putting the call out for the comments. You must post questions or run the short surveys, and host a poll for getting fast feedback on the idea or gauge interest. You can use Instagram for sharing any upcoming events or product launches to get feedback from the customers.

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You may leverage micro-influencers who will market your brand to the targeted & niche audience. It is very effective for the new beauty brand, and whose unique aesthetic will appeal well to the specific audience.

4. Influencer marketing 

Every business especially the beauty industry is the first to know the real potential of influencer marketing. The brands know that the consumers now do not shop for the beauty products like they once did & traditional ads no longer have this same clout.

With the consumers craving for inclusivity and authenticity, the beauty brands are trying to collaborate with the influencers to get better reach & interact with the target audience. The influencers have well-curated followers that will trust their views & relate to the stories. 

Final Words

It’s right to feel that the traditional marketing ways aren’t sufficient anymore particularly if you have the infinite potential of digital marketing opportunities in your mind. 

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