8 Reasons to Choose Spectrum Internet Services

Charter Spectrum is one of the fastest expanding Internet, cable TV, and phone services throughout the United States. They target 24 million households and business customers in 41 states. If you are shopping for an Internet provider and you landed on Spectrum Internet, you would be intrigued to learn more about this provider. In this blog, you would be learning the truth about the provider. 

Why is it that more and more people choose this company for their Internet needs? These are the top reasons:

1: High-Speed Internet

When fast and reliable Internet services are what you need, Charter’s Internet plans will live up to your Internet. They have plans suiting the needs of all types of internet users even if they don’t have a big budget. 100 Mbps, 400 Mbps, and 940 Mbps – these are the speed tiers you can choose from.

2: Free Modem

All Internet plans come with a feature free modem. Unlike other companies in the industry, you don’t have to modem on lease. It’s 100% free. It’s a great feeling to be liberated by this unwanted expense from your monthly Internet bill.

3: Freedom from Unwanted Contracts 

A contract certainly saves you from unexpected price hikes, but it restricts your freedom. Suppose you sign a contract with an ISP for two years and two months down the road, you have to move. Not all companies move with you. In this scenario, you have no choice but to break the agreement. This can cost you an early termination fee.

When there is no contract, the chances of this are slim. You would be glad to know contractual agreements do not bound spectrum services. It’s a month to month service, and you can cancel anytime. The provider doesn’t even judge you if you want to re-subscribe. What a relief! 

4: Fiber-Optic Internet Services

Apart from cable Internet services, Spectrum also has a fiber-optic plan for customers who need whopping speed reaching up to 940 Mbps under the gig plan. This plan is available in a few regions/states for now. The good is the provider is expanding, so who knows it may penetrate your state any time soon.  

5: Unlimited Data 

With all internet plans, you get unlimited data. Browsing, streaming, surfing, shopping, gaming, learning, working – you can do it all without thinking about hitting the data limit. The company doesn’t hog your work or impose data caps to choke your signal transmission. 

6: Bundled Deals 

Getting a stand-alone Internet plan is still expensive for some customers, even if it’s the basic tier. There is a way to lower your monthly bill. The provider comes with two and three-service bundle deals. Meaning, with your internet package, you may add TV and/or phone services or both. 

Bundle deals reduce the monthly bill significantly. It’s like getting two or three services together at a bargain. 

7: Amazing Customer Support amidst COVID-19

The way a company comforts its customers in times of crisis tells a lot about it. Therefore, you should be digging into how the company is providing relief to its customers during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The provider has redefined its support platform by offering a self-help option for customers who subscribe to its service. Instead of letting a technician walk into your house, you can install and activate the services yourself using a kit. 

The company also participated in the Keep America Connected pledge to offer free Internet to students for 60 days. The company also waived late fees on its residential or small business customer incurred because of the economic fallout. They also opened their Wi-Fi hotspots so that more and more people could be connected. 

8: Internet Security Suite

Just like the provider offers a free modem with all internet plans, it also offers a free antivirus suite that protects up to 10 devices connected to the Internet. The suite includes a firewall for Windows as well as Mac devices. It protects the devices against spyware, virus, and other malicious software.If any of these reasons have compelled you to choose Charter’s services, it’s recommended first to do more research and check customer reviews for a detailed insight. Once you are satisfied, hit the Spectrum TV phone number anytime!

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