Review of Employee Scheduling Software by Shift Base

Shift Base is a leader when it comes to software development. If you are looking for the ultimate employee scheduling software, it has got you covered. With their smartphone app, you can easily schedule shifts on the go. Gain an insight into your employees schedule using Shift Base’s employee scheduling software

Quickly Create and Adjust the Schedule

When you use the software, you can adjust your employees’ shifts for weeks in advance and they will be updated about their respective shifts. It does not get easier than this. Check shifts that are open, approve exchange requests, and more. You can even view the overall schedule and specify availability. Live in the future in the present with this amazing software. It is a true lifesaver. The software allows you to set up standard shifts and drag-and-drop to create new ones. Recurring shifts are a walk in the park with the app. You would not need to do anything. 

Create a Schedule Template

Shift Base has made it possible for users to create a schedule template. It means that a set template can be used for creating spreadsheets and more. Recurring shifts can be made with just a few taps on your screen.  

Manage Complicated Tasks

With Shift Base’s rescheduling software, you can create the work schedule for your employees with minimal effort. Manage complicated tasks in seconds. It is an app that will continue to reward you for use. Use the software to create work schedules and manage them on the go with the app. Even the most complicated of tasks can now be done in minimum time. Use the app to get an overview of the expected costs.


The software makes it possible for employees to indicate their availability. Thus, the work schedule will be displayed so that you plan it accordingly. Plan the best work schedule like never before. Moreover, supervisors have complete freedom to enter the availability of their employees on their behalf.

Amazing Planning

Shift Base lets you budget labor costs, calculate the expected turnover, and more. Use the strategic personnel planning feature for the calculation of expected labor costs. The projected costs can either be viewed per month, per day, or per employee. Thus, projections are now possible. One can also determine the expected turnover to find out the percentage of labor costs from the schedule. Then, you can create a schedule based on them. 

Open Shifts

Whenever there is an open shift, you can send employees an invitation. The software would help you determine the employees to invite and check up on them. The first employee who confirms the shift would be automatically scheduled. 

Set Required Shifts

Use the software for setting required shifts. For instance, you can set the maximum, minimum, or exact number of shifts that need to be scheduled. Once the occupancy is full, you can check the final schedule.

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The employee scheduling software offered by Shift Base will make employee management a lot easier. Even if you are away or on the go, you can manage employee shifts.

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