What is the Best Way to Select the Best Network Monitoring Tool

Businesses Networking involves network performance for their daily operations and communications. As a result, monitoring network performance, availability, traffic usage, faults, and responding to issues immediately is a significant part of every administrator’s job. That makes network traffic monitoring software and other tools essential apparatuses in every organization. However, how do you find the right network monitoring tool for your operations? This article guides you into making the right choice.

What is Network Monitoring?

Network monitoring is a software-hardware or software-based combination that observes the network from both ends, accumulating data on thousands of performance metrics, including latency, bandwidth, and CPU use. This tool monitors how the network behaves and sends notifications in case of any irregularity (like when the traffic spikes or dips below acceptable level).

Need for Network Monitoring

Network performance drives every other operation in many organizations. As a result, any breakdown in the traffic can significantly compromise business productivity and cause a reduction in revenues. Network monitoring tools examine applications and devices, observe, detect, and analyze the network, making it easy for admins to respond to alerts and warnings sooner.

Similarly, a properly functioning network monitoring tool will help you notice if there is unusual traffic in your system, enable you to track the source, and curb any threats early enough.

Monitoring also watches the general health of your IT system and will notify you when your infrastructure needs upgrades and save you the hassles of chronic network holdups. A functional network also offers satisfactory service to your clients, reducing calls to your support desk and subsequent follow-ups.

How to Select Network Monitoring Tool

Different businesses use varying networks, and so does the kind of monitoring tool each will require. 

1. Size of Company

There are network monitoring plans that accept a limitless number of devices while others can only operate on a given number at a given time. As a result, you need to consider the number of devices you want to monitor and seek a solution that serves all your needs. If your company is still growing, factoring in the number of devices, it comprises currently may not get you the best tools.

2. Free or Paid Solutions

You may want to consider the free available tools over the payable versions if you are low on cash. However, the free plans may not offer top service since most are weaker. SpiceWork Network Monitoring and Nagios are some of the most popular tools for SMBs. PRTG Network Monitoring also provides a free service to SMBs and a payable version to comprehensive businesses.

3. Special Company Network Demands and Performance Issues

You should determine whether your company has a specific problem to address and seek solutions that target the issue directly. Similarly, some organizations need monitoring in particular sections only. While a full-range network monitoring tool will still offer the services, you are much better off with a solution that only addresses your needs.

4. Available Features

You need a plan that’s easy to use, convenient, and delivers the services you require to the maximum. Some features to look out for include scalability, coverage, flexibility, and the ability to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Auto discovery, device inventorying, and automatic capacity planning also make up for some of the options you need to pay attention to.

Modern IT systems are multidimensional. As a result, having a network monitoring tool is more of a necessity than an option. However, shop around and find a tool that flawlessly matches your specifications and needs.

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