How Many Graze Craze Locations are There?

Graze Craze is a relatively new business that aims to provide consumers with high-quality and affordable charcuterie boards. A charcuterie board is an assortment of cured cheeses, meats, olives, artisan bread, vegetables, fruits, and desserts. Franchisees interested in the fast-casual industry are drawn to Graze Craze because the business does not require any cooling. All business owners have to handle is takeout, catering, and delivery. 

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The Graze Craze franchise business was launched in June 2021 by the United Franchise Group (UFG). The innovative business created a food trend called grazing, which has taken the country by storm. Grazing offers people the choice between eating an entire meal or having small food portions throughout the day. If you wonder how to get started with a Graze Craze Franchise, this post will provide more information about Graze Craze and offer several handy tips to help you. 


Graze Craze was founded by a US Air Force vet who noticed the high demand for convenient and high-quality charcuterie boards. She tested her concept, found it successful, and opened the first location, which immediately gained a loyal customer base. Graze Craze charcuterie boards are fresh, delicious, and praised for offering excellent value. These charcuterie boards enable consumers to avoid the time-consuming hassle presented by homemade boards. 

Consumers love Graze Craze charcuterie boards because they are built by a dedicated staff dedicated to the grazing lifestyle. The company also offers delivery services that are indispensable in the modern marketplace. 

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Graze Craze has grown astonishingly fast and has even opened stores abroad. If you are about to open a Graze Craze restaurant, it is important to determine how close your nearest competitors will be. Here are the locations of Graze Craze restaurants in America. The most notable Graze Craze location is their headquarters, based in Key West, Florida, at 431 Front Street. In Florida, a second Graze Craze location is expected to open in St. Petersburg at 5554 1st Avenue North. 

In Oklahoma, you can find a Graze Craze store in Bixby at 12800 S Memorial Drive, in Edmond at 3601 S Broadway Suite 300, in Newcastle at 720 N Main Street, in Norman at 3451 36th Avenue NW Suite 110, in Yukon at 501 S Mustang Road Suite R, in Stillwater at 1916 N. Perkins Road, and in Midwest City at 1618 S Post Road. Oklahoma City will have two new Graze Craze locations, expected to be opened in Midwest City at 1619 S. Post Road and Broken Arrow at 423 East Stonewood Drive. 

Massachusetts is expected to have a new Graze Craze location open in Amherst at North Square at the Mill on 83 Cowls Road, Commercial Unit A2. Tennessee has one Graze Craze location, found at 151 Adams Lane, Suite 18. Texas has one established location in Plano at 1101 Ohio Drive, Suite 116. Two more Texas locations are expected to be opened in Dallas at 3400 Rosedale University Park and Houston at 12234 Queenston Blvd, Suite 500. 

In Utah, you can find Graze Craze in Pleasant Grove at 1926 W Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Suite B, and in Sandy, at 80 E 10600 S. Utah has two upcoming locations in Park City at 6546 Landmark Drive Suite C and Midvale at 7630 S Union Park Avenue. 

How Much Does It Cost to Purchase a Graze Franchise?

Graze Craze charges a franchising fee of $49,500 that must be accompanied by capital investment. The capital investment varies depending on the location and the resources needed to set up your location. The total investment for a Graze Craze franchise will range from $100,000 to $150,000. 

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Return on Investment

Most franchisees are looking for opportunities to help them make a quick return on their investment. Graze Craze is part of the fast-casual sector, named the fastest-growing part of the food industry in 2020. The company has grown at a breakneck pace during the last year. They have assisted countless businesses in launching their franchises successfully. You will receive the necessary equipment, training, and assistance to ensure the success of your location.

Why Franchise with Graze Craze?

There are several reasons why Graze Craze is the best choice in the food industry. The biggest advantage unique to Graze Craze is that no cooking is required. Your restaurant will not require costly cooking equipment and staff. Your restaurant will make excellent charcuterie boards without investing in industrial kitchen equipment. 

The Graze Craze franchise also offers elite training programs that you can take advantage of. You can learn from Graze Craze’s world-class staff how to run, manage, and promote a successful franchise. A dedicated team will handle any issues you run into to help franchisees run a smooth operation. Graze Craze has employed regional personnel in tune with your target demographic. You can rely on these employees to provide continuous assistance, so you are never in it alone. 

Franchising with Graze Craze also comes with our turnkey process. This process will provide you with all the materials you need to run your business. They will provide you with the software, hardware, equipment, furnishings, and fixtures essential to running your business. 

Graze Craze also conducts intensive research on all aspects of the business, e.g., most ideal location, demographics, business counts, traffic counts, customer parking, etc. When selecting your location and negotiating the lease details, the company will ensure that all criteria for success are met. 

The charcuterie boards that helped the Graze Craze take off are trendy because they provide something for everyone. Even consumers with complex dietary requirements can partake in these charcuterie boards. The boards offer variety to allow people to eat the food items they prefer and leave the rest undisturbed. Your business can take advantage of your area’s full potential by making charcuterie boards that have items anyone can enjoy, e.g., fruits. 

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