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Ebook converters are tools that enable you to convert your document or pdf to a recognizable file for your device. There are many Ebook Converters, both software and online. The software ones are for PCs while online ones may be used on your phone or PCs. 

You may be wondering why some of your ebooks might not be compatible with your devices. This is so because there are many ebooks out there than the needed application to open them. 

To be listed down here are ten top Ebooks converter which you can use to make your ebooks recognizable by your device.  Conversely, if you’d rather let an expert do it for you, check out these ebook conversion services.

Ebook Online Converter 

This is a website application for the conversion of Ebooks from one format to the other. It supports most inputs formats like PDF, HTML, LIT, LRF, MOBI, and other alike formats. 

It is very easy to use and has good quality. It is a free conversion website application. 


This is a great integrated program. Free with no trial period. It enables easy to sync with all types of devices. And also a fantastic software and it works well too. It allows You to download news from the internet and convert it to ebooks. And also has library management for your Ebooks. 

Epubor Ultimate Ebook Converter

Good software, with a neat interface. It is very easy to use It also allows you to replace your Ebook cover and can edit metadata of your Ebooks too. It is a Windows program that works on both Windows Pc and mobile devices; Android and iPhone alike. 


This is a free online video and audio converter. It also an Ebook converter which is the main purpose of this post. It is a multi-purpose software. You don’t need a download before you start using not creating an account for its usage too.  


This is a cloud-based digital publishing platform. It allows you to convert your pdf document to different kinds of ebooks. It is widely used by most publishers. 

It is compatible with Windows, IOS, and Android Operating systems. This means you can use it anywhere and anytime you so wish without restriction. It also allows batch conversion with high-quality output. It is also compatible with all major ebooks readers platforms. 

Hamstar Free Ebook Converter

This is a free download software that allows you to move your Ebooks between devices. It also allows you to convert Ebooks to a variety of formats of your choice. It is designed for Window Pcs. 

Epub Soft Ebook Converter

It is a desktop application. Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and other modifications of Windows version. You can easily convert Epub, PDF, MOBI Ebooks to other formats. It allows you to preview the Ebook cover before conversion. 

To Epub 

This software application allows you to convert pdf and other types of documents to a variety of ebooks formats. It enables large batches of ebooks conversion. It is easy to use tools. It is supported by most ebook readers. 

Convert Files 

This tool is free to use. It allows conversion between documents and ebooks. It can convert from a document to an ebook and also allows conversion from an ebook to any desired document of yours. 

Any Ebook Converter Free

This is one of the best ebook converters out there that allows bulk conversion of up to 15 ebooks all at once. It can convert and view any ebook. Compatible with PCs, free and safe to use. It also poses no ads problem. 

The purpose of this post is not to overrule one ebook converter above the other but to show the strength and weakness of each. What they tend to offer. And as such, there is no hierarchy in the compilation.

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