Top Benefits of Studying MBBS at Kazakhstan for Indian Students

Kazakhstan is a country of various words and many worlds. One of those worlds is the medical universities of the country. Doctors are the heroes of today’s generation as it is due to them that generations are surviving! Being a doctor is a dream of many since childhood, but somehow it becomes impossible for Indian students to pursue MBBS in India for various reasons. Be it Financial capacity or academic capability, Indian students have to go through many hardships because of the Indian education system that is corrupt and corroded on multiple levels. MBBS in Kazakhstan is ways that provide solution to all your problems.  Kazakhstan is a great way of understanding the deep value of education that they provide. 

Let’s see how! 

Approved Education System: 

For those who think Kazakhstan has not developed many educational capacities, you are gravely wrong! The medical universities in Kazakhstan, like Al-farabi National state medical university, and Kazakhstan national university, are recognized by WHO (World health organization), MCI (Medical Council of India) and UNESCO!  

Would you believe the potential that lies here? 

5 Years Course: 

Kazakhstan has developed the way of education that does not take up its students’ unnecessary time and developed an algorithm that helps them complete their training within five years only. Instead of 6 years of studies, a student can complete their education within five years and use a year to take up a job or a valuable internship as well! 

No expensive Donations: 

In India, you find private institutions with headcount fees and donations that take up your parents’ entire life savings. In Kazakhstan, there is no such need for expensive donations and headcount fees to get admissions. Your inner passion to be a doctor and nominal fees are enough to turn your dream into a reality.

Novel Infrastructure: 

The infrastructure of Kazakhstan universities is the best in the world. Their medical equipment and processes are far advanced in terms of remedial ways, and this is the best education one can find in for a moderate amount of fee structure.

Studying Mediums: 

Its study mediums are far more advanced than any other country, which is proved by its students’ progress both in Kazakhstan and abroad. They are given practical education to the best of their ability, enabling them to fight off amateurism at any stage of career they are in.

Admission Processes: 

Unlike Indian admission systems, the criteria to enrol in Kazakhstan universities are very easy. These universities take measures to define the requirements so that you can register with the right amount of marks in Kazakhstan’s top medical universities.

Affordable Cost: 

As you might have already realized by now, the cost of studying in India is extremely high in comparison to Kazakhstan. The cost of studying in other countries abroad whereas in Kazakhstan the minimum monthly fees range around 200$ to 300$ only!

Availability of Indian Food: 

Indians are prone to getting Indian food, and Kazakhstan is a place where this is readily available. You can get healthy Indian food anywhere in the territory if Kazakhstan can have sumptuous breakfasts, lunches, and dinners throughout your studying years. We understand that you might feel homesick but Indian food on the table is one of the best ways to feel at home! 

Verified Faculties: 

The most basic need of a student studying abroad would be the qualified education he or she yearns for. The country that sits well according to your educational processes and this is an excellent option for Indian students as they can quickly adapt to their education system.

Globally recognized degrees: 

Kazakhstan is a country that warns you against fraudulent institutions and organizations to ensure your authentic education experience. The top medical universities are all verified, and the degree obtained from there is recognized on a global level!

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Conclusion: ‘

Degrees are just an addition to the resume, but an authentic educational experience is what you need, and Kazakhstan is the country that provides it. Its educational standards for medical students are par excellence, and this adds to your experience there. Want to go to Kazakhstan to study? No other decision has ever sounded that good before!

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